You Can Have Fun & Be Successful

There’s a myth where you have to work all the time to see progression & results. Well, to a point that’s correct but also incorrect. We can’t spend all of time doing hard work because we will eventually burn out. That burnout will cause us stress and we will feel unmotivated to other things throughout the course of the day. So, the only option we have is to have fun.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun and living your life. Go out for a drink, talk to that girl, go jet ski. Whatever your definition of fun is, do it! Whether you’re 18,23, or 30. We see people wasting their lives away going for a dream. Now, it’s understandable for why they do that but they’re delaying their gratification. Cut yourself some slack. We aren’t robots or artificial intelligence.

Here’s a little episode from a podcast that shows my reasoning on why you need to take breaks & to enjoy life. It’s very possible to be successful and to have fun at the same time.

Click the link below & I’ll explain why it is:

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Tips For A 20 Year Old

7 Life Tips For A 20 Year Old needs to follow. Now, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Your 20s are one of the most confusing years of your life. I am currently 20 but, I felt these tips will be the best to share. So, you can listen to me or not, the choice is yours.

7 Tips Every 20 Year Old Should Follow

7 Tips To Follow:

  1. Call Your Mom – Now, your Mom is an important figure in your life. One of the most important. So, you need to keep up with her. As you grow, you won’t be able to see her as much. Especially, if you moved out or don’t live with her.

2. Spend Your Weekends Wisely– Spend a weekend to yourself or at your job. Everything else is irrelevant to your future. For example, drinking and partying every weekend. It’s not doing nothing for you. So, come up with something to do.

3. Stop Chasing People – Now, we want to find our love or “soulmates”. Never chase someone to get their attention. You will see someones actual worth by just talking to them or being around them. Then, cut off irrelevant friends who do nothing for you.

Moreover, these tips will help you in the long run. So, take notes on them and read it over and over.

4. Accept Constructive Criticism – Please accept criticism from whoever is trying to help you. Now, their words may hurt, but its to help you. Consequently, you’ll be happy to take the criticism.

5. Don’t feel bad to leave others behind – So, this one may hurt a lot of you. People won’t grow on your pace or benefit you. Now, you just have to leave them behind. They’re not serving their purpose to you anymore. You just have to do it.

6. Focus on quality friendships – Firstly, you may not talk with your friends all the time. So, its important to keep quality friends. You will never regret it. Build friendships and network as much as you can.

Your 20s will be the hardest and most confusing times of your life.

7. Expand Your Curiosity– Lastly, always learn. Try new things and see new perspectives. You’re only 20 once after all and it doesn’t hurt to learn.

Follow these tips and your 20s will expand your success by tenfold and you will see the life you have always wanted.