How to Start a Blog: A No-Nonsense Guide for Beginners

A blog is a site you can express yourself and do everyone.

You can either blog to express how you feel about yourself or you can monetize it.

Now, the title, when you look at it, is a no-nonsense guide but, I’ll just tell you what you truly need to know about having a blog and content.

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First, you need a web hosting site like host gator or godaddy to secure a domain for your site. You can either make it generic or easy to remember. In short, I would make it have a ring to it so you can easily remember it. All the best blogs have a easy domain name to remember from lifestyle to food blogs.

Then, you need to pick your niche. The type of space you want to be in. For example, you could talk about food, exercise, technology, etc. Anything you’re knowledgeable about. Once you have that prior knowledge, you need to optimize your posts.

That optimization is called SEO. Search engine optimization. That’s how you reach people with your blog with certain keywords, number of words in a post, images, etc. All those factor in your blog posts and generate organic traffic for your blog. Without that, I wouldn’t have made it as far as I am today. Use SEO as much as you can in your blog and traffic to your site will gain traffic over time.

Having a blog identity is another tip of what I want to give you. I say this because not many people have an identity when it comes to writing. It shows you who you’re & your style of writing. A main reason why people are differentiated from their local blogger.

Thanks to Aaron Burden @aaronburden for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

Use images. I can’t stress this enough, using images will give the reader a clear cut view of what you’re talking about. Some people need visuals in order to understand what you’re saying anyways.

Last but not least, you need to be consistent in your writing. Continuously need to write content each and every day or post your work every week. You will never get by in this space w/o posting unless you’re already popular. It’s the sad truth. Keep posting your content with tags relevant to the topics you’re talking about to gain more reach and it allows new viewers to see the work you’re doing. It will all help in the end.

If you need any help or questions, feel to comment or message me so I can help you develop the blog you’ve always been waiting to create.

It’s 2021, this year is for the taking my friends.

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions.

So, welcome to the New Year. A year of blessings and gratitude. Now, we all have goals to attempt to accomplish. Then, we will put all of our effort in attaining those goals. So, let’s get straight to it.

First, have a list of goals that you want to achieve. It may be losing weight, getting a raise, or developing better friendships. Once you have that list, measure a time a frame for those goals. Essentially, the time it should take to achieve those goals. So, make a time schedule for every task leading up to the goals you want.

Resolutions for New Year’s

New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year's Resolutions

In addition, of making goals that are measure. They have to be attainable. For example, you can’t just aim for a 100k year goal without hitting $100-1000 first. Not saying its impossible, just make sure its achievable to your standard. So, make it clear and reasonable. I am in no way shape or form discouraging you. Just be realistic.

Now, we are getting closer. Close like we are in a marathon race. So, we have figured out goal setting and organization. Then, comes time-relevancy. This means relevant in a specific time frame for goals you want to achieve.

So, you can achieve the goal in that specific period. Always make sure to see how far you have came from the beginning. Attack the goals like a pack of wolves. Hungry and ferocious for more. Now, make sure they’re relevant.

Relevant in terms of objectives you want to achieve. Make sure they align with your values and long-term goals. Ask yourself why the goal is important to you and how it help you get closer to your goal. Then, you will truly see why the goal is important to you. Follow these goals for the new year.

Big Plans for 2021

Big Plans for 2021.

Now, we approach the end of 2020.

A crazy year filled with wild events and memories that will last forever.

Jumping into the new year, we always have big goals and aspirations.

So, there isn’t a reason why we can’t accomplish those goals.

Plan early for the New Year so you have a head start ahead of the competition.

Attack those goals like a pack of hungry wolves trying to feast on their prey.

I always tend to make multiple goals for myself and dream big.

Even though, they’re big, I am in my 20s.

These are the years I sacrifice a lot for freedom and what I truly want out of life.

Big plans for 2021 is the name of the game.

The Year of 2021

Next, you can have all the goals and plans you want, but you need to track them.

Big Plans for 2021

I can often describe myself as a perfectionist at times but, not this year.

Looking to get more out of myself and increase my productivity and my personal brand.

Then, I want to make a passive income goal out of it to fund my investments.

So, I am already being like a wolf in a sense.

Attacking and preparing to strike.

There wouldn’t be a point of me telling you all of this if I wasn’t going to do it.

I will put my all into what I want to achieve.

Please show other people what you can do and do the unthinkable.

Others will just “agree” with your goals but I’d rather show them instead.

In the midst of adversity, we will see who comes up on top.

Then, we can have bragging rights for who stuck to their word.

I know I will stick to my word and accomplish every goal I have.

Will you?