Its up to YOU.

In life, we all have to make choices at the end of the day on where we want to be. It may be mentally, financially, physically. Nobody else can make decisions in this world but ourselves and only ourselves. Yes, it may be hard to make a decision for yourself if you don’t know what to do or need someone to help you make that decision but, nothing less its up to YOU. Not your significant other, best friend, brother, sister, parents, or anyone that you know. Put on your big boy pants on and decide what option will be the best option for yourself in the long run. A quote from one of my favorite singers Swati Sharma has a quote that goes a little like this, “The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you’re afraid to do”. If you’re not constantly trying new things or doing things that aren’t different, it won’t be beneficial to your lifestyle at all. Be different and like I said, its up to YOU. Don’t please anyone trying something new for a social media like or their approval, do it for you and because you want to do it.