Define Your Happiness

Define Your HappinessWhat’s Happiness? Happiness has a lot of definitions that we associate with it. Do we truly know what happiness is though? Most people think happiness is associated with with being rich, living in a big house, owning expensive cars and overall just living a luxurious life without a worry in the world. Well, happiness can be anything we define it to be. It could be from making money, making a blog, painting, delivering mail, it’s just anything we can make it to be. What do you define happiness as? We often get confused on what makes us happy. Money and other materialistic items are usually the items are usually that gives us a sense of fulfillment to us and we want to buy every expensive item we see and can often make us feel “worthy” and a bit more “joyful”. That is never the case because we won’t see those items forever and the market depicts how we see the value of those items and we want to see the value of those items. “Happiness is a mindset for your journey, not the result of your destination” I want you to find what happiness means to you and find the inner meaning as it relates to your life because it can shape it in a way you never thought it could before. We all see and think differently as people but I want you to find the reason you wake up everyday and decide to smile.