Keep Going, Don’t Stop

 Keep Going, Don’t Stop

 As we strive to accomplish big goals this year, its important to keep going. Hey guys, my name is Opare Asihene and wanted to let you know that you have to keep going. Why you might ask? Well, a reason for it is to keep going and preserving is because you may think you’re not seeing progress compared to where you actually want to be in life but that shouldn’t keep you from stopping at all. You have to start somewhere and each time you want to quit or stop, you’re actually taking a step back from where you were originally were and its important to keep going. Think about all the times you’ve stressed, cried, or even quit at a task that you really wanted to complete. It shows how close you can be from actually completing that task. Also, check out the youtube channel below on how to escape your comfort zone and to try new things.

Time Management

Time Management Time Management is an important skill everyone needs to master in their lives and know how it can truly affect you if you don’t use it wisely. Being in collegiate athlete means I have a lot on my plate and using my time wisely is very crucial. Not just being college but an important life skill that everyone needs to master because time can move pretty fast if we are not using it correctly. I am always cautious of my time and you should too. Time management is important to businessmen, athletes, your neighbors, and yourself. Whatever you’re currently thinking about, I wouldn’t hesitate twice about it and just get it done because why wait? Time already moves fast enough and if you don’t pay attention closely, you might miss out on something important. This tip is important for myself and everyone around me with busy schedules and everything that goes on in their life.

Head Up

Head UpLife takes a lot of twists and turns. It often keeps us on our feet preparing for whats next and challenges us to react or back down from that certain challenge. When things don’t go our way, we often put our head down and start to pout and I find that outrageous. Why pout and when you can just put your head up.

“If it doesn’t make you fail,is it worth pursuing”

FIND THAT REASON TO KEEP GOING AND WHOOP ITS ASS. Excuse my language but why put your head down and quit? We must keep going if we truly want to achieve our goals and want to succueed in this life. No excuses for us to quit like its nothing, we must preserve and keep fighting.

Suicide Awareness Month

Suicide Awareness MonthThe month of September is known as “Suicide Awareness Month” and I think everyone should know that because you’re all important and loved dearly by your loved ones and the people around you. Nobody should feel down and alone or feel hurt because you’re all important to someone and most importantly your life matters. YOU MATTER. I want to know everyone reading this matters to a full extent and people feel really overwhelmed with their lives to speak up or do anything when they feel that way and think. I want to know everyone reading this matters to a extent and I truly care about you. Your friends and family care about you also.

Smile More

You Need To SmileYou need to SMILE more because life is to short to be unhappy all the time and the more you smile, the more life will seem good to you and you being to appreciate to the fullest. Your smile is great and people love to see it because it makes the world go round, so my advice to everyone reading this is to keep being happy and live your life to the fullest because you never know when our life can be cut short.