Be Your Biggest Fan

Be Your Biggest FanIn this life that I live from day to day I learned one thing. People will support you as long as they live and some will act like they and the rest will just never support you until you hit a certain threshold in life you just got to do things your own way. Now, when I say that I mean as in terms of living your own life. Nobody is going to support you as close as you think they can help so its mainly up to you to help yourself and be your BIGGEST FAN. Your undying support has to come from yourself and that’s where you will be most confident at all times because you’re ( as I said before) your biggest fan. This will change you think and live your life and that’s the most important step in this journey will call life because nobody is gonna support you more than yourself.

Make Everyday Count

Make Everyday CountMaking everyday count makes life worth while in the end because you know at least you made everyday counted. Whether you create a band, make something out of nothing, it feels like a rush of excitement just lights up in your face. I want to make everyday count because you never know when life can end at any second so its important to feel motivated and want to achieve more because that’s how I currently feel at the moment because I want to achieve a lot in this life time and don’t want to waste it by doing nothing that’s not important or a waste of time. I want to make everyday from here on out count because life can be very short and I want to achieve everything I set in stone with my words or even my actions. I can propose everyone wants to accomplish something whether its making a lot of money, being a professional at something, or jump starting on an idea that you always had in mind. Make everyday count because you never know when it could be your last day on this beautiful planet,

F*ck Your Feelings

F*ck Your FeelingsIn this life we need to move with strategy more instead of emotion because when we use our emotions too much, it can get the better of us and we will start to lose control because nobody cares how you feel but instead how you actually got it done. Once you find that strategy, life will become very easier and it won’t be hard to chase what you really want in this life because you have a set plan. You now have a blueprint to follow and are willing to chase the goals you put in your checklist to get after. A set plan will take you farther than you think. Now, get out of your feelings and go set your plan and dominate.

Screw Excuses

Screw ExcusesStop making excuses and go chase what you really want in life because you never know what can happen and stop be so soft on yourself because you know exactly what you’re doing. Figure out the blueprint you truly want to take and follow it. Go by your word and go make it happen. If you don’t make it happen you will be somewhere 20 years from now regretting that you truly want. We make excuses for things that are out of our reach and often too hard and I think its unhealthy to think like that because we are capable of anything. Why settle for less than you deserve in this life? It makes no sense on why you think you should settle for less because it doesn’t make any sense to me. Be remembered for taking action instead of taking regret. You will love yourself for it I promise you. You’re in charge of your life.