Losing Is Apart Of The Game

We’ve lost more times than we have won.

That’s just how life is.

I’ve have lost so much as a child I want to give up everytime I play a video game, sport, project, school-work, etc.

The thing is I never gave up and let nature take its course and had to accept it

Losing is apart of the game

Parents have to stop babying their kids about losing. It happens to the best of us. No matter how hard we try, we will lose at something.

It may be the lottery, your dream school, a scholarship, or even you lose the girl you really like.

Well, guess what? Get over it.

Being blunt is what more people need to do in this world.


It’s something everyone needs to hear

I’ve dealt with my fair share of losses before

We need to lose in order to move forward

Michael Jordan, Oprah, Elon Musk will never have made the leap they have made in this world without a loss

In conclusion, lose.

Lose often and take notes from the lost because it’s something we need to realize at some point in our lives.

Avoid Lazy and Miserable People

Avoid Lazy and Miserable People Avoid these type of people at all costs: Lazy & Miserable. The worst type of people to roam planet earth are lazy and miserable ones. I say that because they bring no value to your life whatsoever and constantly complain no matter what it is. They never want to escape their comfort zone and try something new and always feel the need to blame others for situations they put themselves in or cause. They’re a cancer to your life, especially if you’re the type of person to go get it. I want people around me who are willing to succeed and will do whatever it takes to be successful in this lifetime and wouldn’t you? Now, make sure your inner circle of friends are self-motivated driven winners that will want to upgrade every aspect of their lives because you need to be around people who succeed and are willing to succeed. Be great and keep working hard everyday to fufill the life that you want in the future. Your future self would be proud right now that you did.

Encouraging Quotes

Encouraging QuotesOn a day to day basis, we often see motivational to encourage to do better and to strengthen our thinking and how we can readjust ourselves and to be a better person but the real question is, what are you doing with that quote. You can absorb the quote, write it down, and simply engage it in your day to day life to make you more motivated throughout the day to better yourself. Its useless to look at the quote and do nothing with it and to simply just look at it but you need to write it down and look at it everyday. Look and read it everyday like its a Netflix original and how you want to accomplish certain tasks for your prior reasoning. Keep look at the encouraging quotes but make sure the value you’re getting from them, you actually use it for the benefit that you need it for.

No Excuses November

No Excuses NovemberWelcome to No Excuses November, where you shouldn’t make any excuses this November including myself, I hate excuses. It separates them from the average person and excuses are what truly holds us back. F*ck any excuses you have and work around them. Don’t lie or come up with something that will hold you back from accomplishing your goals just write those specific goals down and attack them at a different angle. You have the choice everyday to be a winner or you can settle for less than what you deserve and get everything you want done. Let’s aim high and attack our goals to the fullest potential. No Excuses November is for all the hard workers out there and not the slackers.

Head Up

Head UpLife takes a lot of twists and turns. It often keeps us on our feet preparing for whats next and challenges us to react or back down from that certain challenge. When things don’t go our way, we often put our head down and start to pout and I find that outrageous. Why pout and when you can just put your head up.

“If it doesn’t make you fail,is it worth pursuing”

FIND THAT REASON TO KEEP GOING AND WHOOP ITS ASS. Excuse my language but why put your head down and quit? We must keep going if we truly want to achieve our goals and want to succueed in this life. No excuses for us to quit like its nothing, we must preserve and keep fighting.

For The BelieversKeep Believing. A long road is ahead. Sleepless nights, early mornings. Relentless tries of failing over and over. Frustration and angry will rise and rise again and again. That’s not stopping anyone but your mindset. Control and become one with. Go be great. I believe in you.