The Scary Truth About Life

Life is scary.

We don’t know how or when we will die.

This precious life could be taken from us at any given moment and nobody will save you.

Not your parents, mentor,friends, and close family.

You may be confused about what I am saying right now but what I am trying to say nobody in this world will save you.

Michael Jordan, the most prolific player, of our generation worked for everything he has in this life but wasn’t always the top player like he is today.

He got cut from his school team and was devasted to say the least. That was the only thing that was one his mind and even his Mom told him to get better so he had a chance to leave him behind.

Now look where he’s at now.

In today’s generation, parents would baby their son’s or daughter’s saying they earned it or deserve a chance but in reality, they don’t.

Nothing is given in this life.

No one is coming to save you, get better, and don’t change the standard of your goals.

Always set them a bar higher than before. You will be glad you did and in this life the only person capable of reaching those goals will only be you and you only.

Work hard in silence and show them why they shouldn’t count you out.

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Importance of Power

Be The Ruler or Get OverthrownOnce you’re at the top you have two options. 1st option is maintaining that power and making sure nobody can rightfully get it but you and only you and the second is losing it that power. Once, you’re at the top you feel invincible and feel in control of what you’re doing and won’t have a worry in the world to lose the power you have to someone else. The power you have can be stripped from you at any moment and you would never expect a thing. Power is up for grabs essentially and can be taken at any time so its important to keep a leveled head and be aware at all times. Nobody expects their power to get stripped from them and that’s the reality of life. Its about gaining and maintaining to new levels each and everyday. “One thing about power is, if you can’t maintain it, it will be taken away from you.” This shows you to never be too complacent in life and always to level up. Always remember to never settle, be better than you were yesterday, and to enjoy everyday and to become better everyday. Expect more posts like this in the near future because I’ve been slacking on my posts cause of work and getting ready for my soccer pre-season but that will change.