Always Listening

We hardly ever interact really with about 5-% of the listeners. That could be from a podcast, blog, social media networks, etc. Those are the people that take the time to read our content, follow our advice and put it into practice.

The number of messages, replies, likes, and retweets is negligible in comparison to the number of people who are silently watching and listening without participating.

You don’t realize how much more impact your words have. You are a powerful individual if you even have a little following. A powerful post that you believe you are simply sending into the void may actually have completely altered someone’s perspective on something.

This calls for caution on your part, but you should also take advantage of it. You don’t have to reach a certain threshold to be regarded as a “expert” –

You also become influential person the moment you start spreading the word about the subjects you’re enthusiastic about. 

even if it was only for one individual. 

You underestimate the impact of your remarks. 

And a person is actively listening to everything you say right now

I don’t think I am an expert in any shape of from the stuff I’ve written because I’ve learned it from other people, books, real experience & more.

I always think what’s the point of even putting out content if nobody happens to read it or even comment on what I’d do? That’s like going into your line of work & not getting a compliment for this type of thing.

Anyways, someone out there will always be looking into whether you write or type, it’s inevitable.