Opinions Of Others

The more successful you become, the less interested you are in what others think of you. Opinions become less and less important as you gain more self-validation through fulfilling goals.

Essentially, all you care about is what you can do to help yourself and those around you.

That’s what is the most important thing in this life, more important than anything materialistic and of money. You should want to be remembered for what you did on this earth instead of the money you make because at the end of the day, you can’t take it to the grave with you.

Nobody will care as much for the money you made, the cars you had, or your materialistic position. It will be about if you created an impact on the lives of others and those around you.

That’s what I’m striving for. So, the next time you worry about someone’s opinion for you doing something, block it out because it’s not going to be of importance to you.

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You’re Only Your Age Once

You listening? Good.

Everyday you don’t work on the things that you do, it goes by.

You‘re only your age once. That means each day that passes by you lose valuable time.

I’m not hear to scare you I’m just hear to say it

It’s literally what I need to what hear as well

All these projects I’m consistently work on will mean something bigger than myself when it’s all said & done

What you’re witnessing right here is art. Art is very subjective to many & right here is my art.

It may be sports, business, painting for others but this here, is my art. Day by day I think about how I can improve my writing day by day.

Take this in and work hard because you never know when life can cut short at a moments notice

Don’t let the days go by because one day you’ll will truly regret.

That’s all I have to say, until next time my friends.

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Why Do You Do It?

It’s easily to be in the midst of everything that goes on in the world from your personal life to politics.

But one thing that’s certain is the way we do things.

via: unsplash.com

The question of why we do we do things that we do each and everyday. It’s on our minds from when wake up and when we go to sleep.

The word “why” brings a paradigm shift of a pattern we see everyday. You get the gist of what I’m saying now? We do certain things so we can be remembered forever.

The current moment that you’re reading this will inspire you to look at your everyday life and question what your life is compromised of. Is a boring 9-5 job you have been settling for a couple years? Is it going to college to get a degree? Is it working on skills that will help you in the future?

This relates to the purpose of life. Or should I say your purpose. There’s a clear chance that we do it because love to do it or to be remembered.

I can easily ask myself why I do things each and everyday. Do I like to ask this consistent question? Hell no. But it’s what keeps me going and how I perceive everyday life.

Whatever the case may be, you need to keep working on what you love do. There’s a saying, “ if you don’t build your dreams, you will be helping someone else build theirs”

Now.. hearing that makes me think, “Why would I spend my hard earned time doing that, this ain’t free labor” I’m trying to win from now till my last breath.

Never do anything for money, that will just push you back and make hot miserable. Materialistic items are never worth the investment for the long term.

I’d rather buy a Mcchicken cause I love to eat not to show off or to impress. But who am I sounding like I’m rich, it’s only a Mcchicken after all.

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How to Start a Blog: A No-Nonsense Guide for Beginners

A blog is a site you can express yourself and do everyone.

You can either blog to express how you feel about yourself or you can monetize it.

Now, the title, when you look at it, is a no-nonsense guide but, I’ll just tell you what you truly need to know about having a blog and content.

Thanks to NeONBRAND @neonbrand for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

First, you need a web hosting site like host gator or godaddy to secure a domain for your site. You can either make it generic or easy to remember. In short, I would make it have a ring to it so you can easily remember it. All the best blogs have a easy domain name to remember from lifestyle to food blogs.

Then, you need to pick your niche. The type of space you want to be in. For example, you could talk about food, exercise, technology, etc. Anything you’re knowledgeable about. Once you have that prior knowledge, you need to optimize your posts.

That optimization is called SEO. Search engine optimization. That’s how you reach people with your blog with certain keywords, number of words in a post, images, etc. All those factor in your blog posts and generate organic traffic for your blog. Without that, I wouldn’t have made it as far as I am today. Use SEO as much as you can in your blog and traffic to your site will gain traffic over time.

Having a blog identity is another tip of what I want to give you. I say this because not many people have an identity when it comes to writing. It shows you who you’re & your style of writing. A main reason why people are differentiated from their local blogger.

Thanks to Aaron Burden @aaronburden for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

Use images. I can’t stress this enough, using images will give the reader a clear cut view of what you’re talking about. Some people need visuals in order to understand what you’re saying anyways.

Last but not least, you need to be consistent in your writing. Continuously need to write content each and every day or post your work every week. You will never get by in this space w/o posting unless you’re already popular. It’s the sad truth. Keep posting your content with tags relevant to the topics you’re talking about to gain more reach and it allows new viewers to see the work you’re doing. It will all help in the end.

If you need any help or questions, feel to comment or message me so I can help you develop the blog you’ve always been waiting to create.

It’s 2021, this year is for the taking my friends.

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The Life We Chose

Is this the life we chose?

Or did this life choose us?

Moreover, the story is still being written

Flying throughout the night like a Griffin

You would think that they’re hidden

I’m just kidding about the current bidding

All our stories are still being written.

Day by day is how we need to take things

Life is unexpected and we may not know what it might bring

It’s just a whole spectacle of things

Is this the life we chose?

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20 WordPress Followers

Wow.. 20 people actually take the time out their day to read my blog.

Ranging from broad topics that make the WordPress reader site, from SEO ranking, backlinks, & countless hours of making content.

20 is nothing compared to a lot of other pages.

But this a huge achievement for me.

Grateful for everyone who is following my blog and it’s only up from here.

Making new content & perfecting my craft as writer as it never ends.

To expanding my ventures & beyond.

In The Midst Of Adversity

Adversity can challenge our beliefs

A belief of how we truly see life

Can take things in strife

But that’s the nature of life

It’s never going to be glitter and sunshine

The bad days turn us into who we are

Leaving scars to determine who we truly are as one

Could this be the awakening of the rising sun?

The term adversity is used by many but who actually goes through it?

Makes you wonder why people struggle so much in life

Then you fly higher than a kite once you feel that adrenaline rush

In the midst of adversity can only show our true colors

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The Road Ahead

It has never occurred to me that I would’ve this many followers on this blog.

Making this blog in high school because I wanted to find another way to make money instead of the conventional way and thought to myself, “ is this really who I am?”

Well obviously that was high school me & now I am in college, I have learned what this truly means to me and what I am as a person. Allowing to get out what’s hiding in my head and clear out my head.

Nonchalant to Edgar Allen Poe in my writing style and expressing everything that’s deep in my heart. Obviously, I want more followers to read what I have to say and what input I want to give out to everyone who follows me. Engagement, value, comedy, life advice, the possibilities are endless with me.

Being a spectator of many blogs and doing what I know how to do best and create. I’ve seen a post about truly creating the life I want and nobody ever told me how much work and effort you truly want for a self sustaining blog with a lot of traffic and engagement.

This can show me that absolutely anything is possible in this world and I can’t even be better than Kevin Hart as I am funnier than Gottfried. Sorry if you’re reading this @gottfried, it’s the truth.

To laughs, wealth, prosperity, and to more creative ventures, the long road awaits.

I have always wanting to change my life for the better and get everything that I desire in this life time and it will happen.

Just put a block of cheese out there and I am bound to get it like the mouse I am, small in stature but bound to get it. Just watch me get to the top like my fellow bloggers and create something bigger.

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Inside My Head

Living inside my head

Everything between human flesh is red

Hiding myself from the real world that I dread

Seeing if I mead

Creating fantasies in my head that I tread

Will I ever stop living inside my head?

When I’m in there I don’t feel dead

Is it something that I said?

Oh I forgot I’m inside my head

We all do it from time to time

Makes me feel like a basketball player dropping dimes

Now I’m starting to rhyme

It feels like a bad crime

Hearing the wind ringing the bells making them chime

Making me get rhymes like dimes

Life isn’t always a straight line

It never will be from time to time

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