Your Comfort Zone will Kill You

Your comfort zone will literally kill you. It will eat you alive. We aren’t going to grow being in the same place in life literally all the time. It makes no sense. You will feel instant regret that you see others around you leveling up and you’re still on the same plateau that you were on before. I can see why people are scared to take a risk. Risk is where the safe haven is and where we want to be. It’s not because we are scared to do something different. It’s because we want to just play it safe and all the greats and motivational figures that you looked up to, never made it to their status that they’re today for playing it “safe”. You’ll look at yourself in the mirror in regret about thinking all the chances you didn’t take and why you feel the way you do. Risk and reward is all on the side of the mountain but it is all up to you to take that chance to improve your lifestyle and the way you see the world because those opportunities may never come again.