The Invention Of The Car

Transportation has really changed over the years and has been a spark in the way we see our world as of today. Traveling to locations near & far make the journey of life only even better. You see what I’m saying?

We better some flying cars in the future. Just get me a Harry Potter broom and I’ll fly around the world like it’s Hogwarts. Cars have saved so much time in our lives.

With that being said, cars will only transform into vehicles behind our imagination & someday we might levitate, literally.

Cars are always in demand & there’s someone out there always trying to get one or see one. An invention in the clear of being one of mankind’s best inventions of the centuries.

Although, I may be asking for a lot.

I love cars and the way they’re just make me interested. Cars are so useful.

We will be flying like aliens in the night sky & human progression will be seen in the limelight.

People are in dire need of using cars at their will, can say that we are fascinating creatures.

Fascinated beyond belief, it shows that we take things that are important to us in the heart.

So, I sound like a scientist or something. I am just providing my free thought. I will be free in the open like E.T. in the night sky.

We are in the awake of something good going to happen.

Feeling like the Flight Brothers and seeing them in the sky. Prepare for liftoff, ladies & gentlemen.

© Opare Asihene. All rights reserved.

Focus On Learning and Creating

Focus on learning and creating.

Now, that’s not ideal for everyone.

Then, you think, why’s that?

In a consumer society, that’s the last thing we want to do.

Also, it doesn’t pertain to what we want at all.

We spend so much of our time consuming.

Consuming pointless information in our day to day lives.

So, why not learn something new?

Even though, that learning might not benefit us, we should still learn something new.

Although, its not ideal.

While, our best friend Jim is watching Netflix.

They say everything is good in moderation.

So, don’t even feel bad.

Learning something new excites the eye.

Then, you see a whole new world.

Focus on learning and creating.

I wasn’t always like this you know.

I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons and stayed up and played video games.

So, yes, me saying that defeats the purpose of this article.

Now, don’t get mad, I am just being transparent.

Transparency is needed more online nowadays.

Learn more than you consume.

Consumerist societies are the backbone of societies.

We never create unless we are told.

While, this lets our creativity die out.

I absolutely hate that idea and it shouldn’t be like this.

So, do what the 99% of others won’t do.

Then, implement it in your life.

You need to Create and Learn

Focusing On Learning and Creating

Creators bring more to the table.

As we speak you’re consuming rather than creating.

Although, I may be wrong.

Creating just feels right.

After, you create a repetitive cycle happens.

It repeats over and over again.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Even though, you may seem lost but create for the better.

Life will change for you.

Life will change at a pace you didn’t realize.

Creators are some of your favorite people.

Bloggers like me, You-tubers, influence-rs, etc.

Create till you can’t no more.

The College Life

The College life.

A lifestyle I never thought I would experience.

Yet, I am here now.

Then, it has been a thrilling adventure.

Even thought, it might not be what I want, I want connections.

So, I am going to make the best of any situation.

Now, provide life lessons for all.

So, I can use them in the real world.

The College Life

Grades aren’t everything we make them out to be.

It won’t translate to the real world.

Now, do what the sane person would do.

Even though, people don’t listen.

Learn high value skills that are of importance.

Coding, web design, Google Ads, etc.

The College Life Experience

The college life is different for everyone.

See, college has opened my eyes to know it’s not really needed.

But, everyone’s opinion is different.

For example, I love self-learning and building.

Now, we must create something that will last.

College won’t do that for you.

Unless, you’re in a certain major for it.

So, do what you think is right.

Don’t listen to outside forces on a controversial subject.

Listen to the gut feeling.

Now, I am not saying to ignore.

But, you need to do what’s best for you in life.

That’s simply how it works.

Bend the rules a little.

Unless, you want to live a life you setttled for.

Create the environment and the life you want.

College may or may not do that for you.

So, you can get drunk now or do the dirty work.

Living the life you want was never easy.

Nothing good ever comes easy at all.

Now, it may suck but its worth the pain and sacrifice.

Although, everyone is different.

That’s what makes college so diverse for everyone.

I have to find my own path and do what’s best for me.

Now, I have a future to create.

More To Life

There’s gotta be more to life

It feels like a cutting edge blade aiming to the right

Moving swiftly enough like a thief in the night

But do we know what’s right?

That’s the key to life

To progress, pursue and seek

Like always fixing the end of the pipe that might leak

Finding each and every clue like hide and seek

Doing different things each and every week

Like a word jumping in the mouth of a birds beak

There’s gotta be more to life

Don’t hold things in strife

There’s just gotta be more to life

© Opare Asihene. All rights reserved

Cut Out Small Minded People

Cut Out Small Minded People.

The people who will dwell on your dreams.

Now, cut out those ignorant folks.

The folks who want to “support” you.

So, find people who are open minded.

Cliche as it sounds, you just have too.

Subsequently, those are subjective to change can your life.

Then, life will start to progress drastically.

Press your inner subconscious to see why people think this way.

So, why is that?

Now, humans are more inclined to do the hard things.

Thus, making them closed minded and cutting off their true ambitions.

Small minded people are dream killers.

Cut Out Small Minded People.

There are people who are realistic in their dreams and others that think something is impossible to achieve.

Although, there are things that seem impossible in this world, its very possible.

So, what may be the cause of this?

Cut Out Small Minded People

Disband Close-Minded People

I will tell you.

Its from people who they hang around and listen too.

Then, their thoughts will start to rub off on you.

Don’t let this be a continuous cycle.

You will meet people like this in every corner of your life.

So I would suggest is how you deal with it.

Deal with it in a professional manner and wisely.

Now, not everyone acts like this, its just certain people.

Its like a plague to be around these people and it hurts when they multiply.

This is a call to action to not to listen to people with inflexible attitudes and traits.

Understand it gets annoying after awhile.

You will constantly hear it and nothing about it will change.

So, do me a favor and let those people go.

Those people won’t be in your life forever and won’t offer much but a bad attitude.

The worst thing in life is a bad attitude one may say.

Accepted or Rejected

Accepted or rejected.

In a society full of doers and under achievers, we are two things.

Accepted or rejected.

Now, this can apply to a lot of people.

So, it may apply to you as we speak.

Then, you will really start to wonder if it does.

While, people are worried about fitting in.

Stand out from the rest of society.

Jump out with a smirk on your face as we speak.

Fly like you could never before.

So, you know what all that all has in common?

Sounds like people who are not liked.

That means to stand out.

Separate yourself from the crowd.

Ride in your own lane from the others.

Jump in head first and do your own thing.

Although, that might be dramatic, it needs to be done.

Accepted or Rejected
Walk your own path and stand apart from the crowd.

Actively as people want to fit in so badly.

Literally makes no sense.

In this lifetime, I’d rather cook up something bizarre than to be liked.

Extraordinary people bring extraordinary pleasures in life.

Stop caring so much about what people think of you.

I have heard this so many times I can count.

Leaping out to something amazing than being stagnant.

So, act out and stand out.

Society has a weird way of telling us what we can and cannot do.

I would hate to be like everyone else.

Where’s the fun in that?

As you’re reading this, please do not succumb to society’s standards.

Each of us have to be something that we are proud of.

So, why not be apart of your world?

Do your own thing and don’t look back one bit.

As someone who is called “weird” often, I embrace it all the way.

In short, never become what society wants you to be.

Your Circle Matters

Your Circle Matters.

So, you probably think you have to change your circle or group of friends.

Now, don’t change it unless they’re not helping you in any shape or form.

I say that because we often are perceived who we are around

In a sense, get out and meet people that fit your future and not your past.

Jumping out and finding a new group of friends may be hard

Also, they might not be the people you hope to look for in a friend group

So, find like minded people like yourself that fit your goals and aspirations

Your Circle Matters.

Your Circle Matters.

This applies in all walks of life

Not just in school, sports, business, etc.

This a life matter.

For example, if all your friends just sit on the couch all day, you will be inclined to do the same thing

If your friends have businesses and constantly want to better their lives, you will want to do the same

We have all heard this some point or another.

Have people around you, that you’re proud to have around

I want to be able to talk to other people and say I am proud to be around this person and everything that they do.

Not only do they influence you, but also your habits.

Develop good habits early on in life and you’ll see how much your life can change.

Now, you’re either a victim of this or you needed to hear this

Be around good people

Good people are good for your wealth and health

The right people will improve your way of life

Once you stop hanging out with people who do nothing for you, watch it change massively.

This a clear reason why being around the right people is so important

Never forget this. Choose people that choose you.

Show Up Everyday

As a man starts to achieve his goals he realized you must show up everyday

He realizes one common theme

The one thing that separates him from the rest of the pack

Showing up every single day

Not just when he feels like it

So, you’re thinking how do I show up everyday? It starts with being consistent. For example, you have a daily routine that you do everyday and see improvements to your life. With those improvements, you’ll began to feel happier and feel better about yourself. Now, that’s a feeling that you need have. 1% better today than you were yesterday. Then, you’ll see important changes happening in your life. The best in the world do it.

Entertainers, entrepreneurs, athletes, CEOs, etc. Anyone in their respective field of work shows up every single day. Essentially, it’s the reason why they’re so successful. Feels like being lifted in the air like an air balloon.

At the end of the day, your motivation won’t be there every single second of the day. Even though, you may not feel motivated, you have to show up. Those goals and dreams won’t work themselves. NOBODY but you will do it.

Then, a couple of years from now, you’ll be happy. It’s the dream everyone works for and wants to achieve. A fulfilled life. Eventually, you’ll see the habits you did for your upbringing to this point.

A bad day from yesterday won’t do any damage to your future unless YOU make it.

The emphasis on “you”, shows it’s only up to us and us only. That’s how I feel about writing on my blog when I don’t want to.

So, I just jot down ideas and begin to type. Letting my ideas flow into the space until it all comes together.

Those ideas, dreams, future endeavors, you have are all possible.

With one simple concept

In conclusion to win and to see the rewards you truly want in this life.

You must show up everyday.

Master Your Emotions

Master Your Emotions, it will help you win at life and conquer the world.

Why You Need To Master Emotions

So, I need you to realize one thing. Master Your Emotions. Now, that might seem a little vague and broad to talk about. I want you to master your emotions. Be a shield to a knight and shining armor. Moreover, once you master this element, you will see a change in your life. I felt the same way. In short, I always let my emotions got the best of me. It wasn’t healthy. Until, I learned that I can control them the way nobody else can. Now, you may think, “what does this have to with anything?” it has to do with anything.

How You Can Master Them

From challenges in life, business, health, politics, sports, etc. Also, emotions are apart of us in our day to day lives. We can’t always feel motivated 24/7 or feel happy. It’s impossible. But, what I do know, is we have the power to control it.

Once you can control it, nobody can hurt you or touch you. Essentially, you have to know you’re your strongest counterpart and something is always trying to hurt your mental. So, learn how to absorb or control. Listen to music or write your thoughts. Also, do something to let the time pass.

Before all else, you matter before anyone. It may sound egoistical, but it’s true. All of this ties into mental health as well. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I bet you already feel empowered feel by this post already. The stigma of Mental Health thinking we are “strong enough” is malarkey. Besides, express those thoughts and emotions. Nothing is wrong with it. Moreover, people care. Never don’t think someone doesn’t care. I want the best for everyone and you should already know that. Now, re-read this post and everything I have said.