The Invention Of The Car

Transportation has really changed over the years and has been a spark in the way we see our world as of today. Traveling to locations near & far make the journey of life only even better. You see what I’m saying?

We better some flying cars in the future. Just get me a Harry Potter broom and I’ll fly around the world like it’s Hogwarts. Cars have saved so much time in our lives.

With that being said, cars will only transform into vehicles behind our imagination & someday we might levitate, literally.

Cars are always in demand & there’s someone out there always trying to get one or see one. An invention in the clear of being one of mankind’s best inventions of the centuries.

Although, I may be asking for a lot.

I love cars and the way they’re just make me interested. Cars are so useful.

We will be flying like aliens in the night sky & human progression will be seen in the limelight.

People are in dire need of using cars at their will, can say that we are fascinating creatures.

Fascinated beyond belief, it shows that we take things that are important to us in the heart.

So, I sound like a scientist or something. I am just providing my free thought. I will be free in the open like E.T. in the night sky.

We are in the awake of something good going to happen.

Feeling like the Flight Brothers and seeing them in the sky. Prepare for liftoff, ladies & gentlemen.

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Losing Is Apart Of The Game

We’ve lost more times than we have won.

That’s just how life is.

I’ve have lost so much as a child I want to give up everytime I play a video game, sport, project, school-work, etc.

The thing is I never gave up and let nature take its course and had to accept it

Losing is apart of the game

Parents have to stop babying their kids about losing. It happens to the best of us. No matter how hard we try, we will lose at something.

It may be the lottery, your dream school, a scholarship, or even you lose the girl you really like.

Well, guess what? Get over it.

Being blunt is what more people need to do in this world.


It’s something everyone needs to hear

I’ve dealt with my fair share of losses before

We need to lose in order to move forward

Michael Jordan, Oprah, Elon Musk will never have made the leap they have made in this world without a loss

In conclusion, lose.

Lose often and take notes from the lost because it’s something we need to realize at some point in our lives.