Answer This

I’ve been thinking about making a patreon about my blog, podcast, and YouTube. I’m not very big on YouTube but want to make so the behind the scenes of how I create content.

If any of you are interested to see it in action, please let me know.

  • Face The Beast
    Do not pray for protection or an escape from the difficulties that come your way. This is how lambs behave. They request a simple route to the top of the hill. Rather, pray for fury so that you can face your worries without flinching. Do not request numbness. To be … Continue reading “Face The Beast”
  • Live With Presence
    “We are mistaken when we look forward to death. The major portion of death has already passed. Whatever years be behind us are in deaths hands. … Live With Presence
  • It’s All We Got
    “Value your time. It is all you have. It’s more important than your money. It’s more important than your friends. It is more important than anything. Your time is all you have. Do not waste your time.” – Naval
  • You See This?