Answer This

I’ve been thinking about making a patreon about my blog, podcast, and YouTube. I’m not very big on YouTube but want to make so the behind the scenes of how I create content.

If any of you are interested to see it in action, please let me know.

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  • Your Effect On The World
    I’ve been thinking to myself lately that what do I really want to be remembered for? It could be for sports, this blog, YouTube, etc. There are so many vehicles (media) that we can be remembered for and at the end of the day, I think we should focus on … Continue reading “Your Effect On The World”
  • Point In My Life
  • Energy
    Throw out the notion that something may have been done “for no reason.”  So what if the conclusion isn’t what you anticipated? The money, time, energy, and other resources you invested were not wasted.  Every experience should be valued.  You’ve entered the fray.  In hindsight, everything will make sense. Energy can never be depleted.  If you think it vanished, it’s only because you weren’t paying attention