People Actually Do This For A Living?

It’s harder than it looks and can be mentally exhausting.

Not me sitting behind a screen, making a headline, writing all this out from the top of my head like I’m in a recording booth as if I’m going to remix a song. Then, I have to check if people like the audio, the wordplay, etc. It feels easy because of how long I have been doing this but it’s really harder than people think.

Literally, you can sit here and make a blog post about walking your dog & how to groom it & it will appeal to the masses because of how recognized the title is and how SEO will track your keyword search based on the content. See what I mean? Writing & curating content is only worth while if you can tell a story through the words you tell because it all tells a story. Not just any story, but a quality one.

Quality stories take time, sleepless nights, addictions, and music that will have you jumping in your room. For one makes me think, “Am I really doing enough?”. But that’s something I’ll save for another day.

People get payed to do this for a living. Minus the ads on their site, they get paid to write blogs on literally whatever they’re passionate about. And why do I do it? Well, I do anytbing just like anyone else would do on this planet. I do it for money. In all honesty, I started this as a naive high school working part time jobs & constantly searching on the internet, “How to make money online”

Not to sound like some tycoon that will rip you off for your money but that was way back when. Now, I can see the severity of how people actually do this every waking hour of the day. Just like any form of media, people get tired of it. You think I will ever get tired of this? I’ll get tired of this when Tottenham Hotspur wins a real trophy, and that means I will never get tired of this. Writing a lot feels like I am a crackhead on words and people sort of care what I have to write at times.

People make literal art from this, I will be there someday, not now but soon.