Clearness in the Air – Poem

Clearness In The Air

As I sit alone

I think clearly

The world revolves around me

Just me

Only me

As far as the eye can see

The world as I think

The peak of a mountain top

To the climax of a heartfelt story

Having so many thoughts

Just want everything

To be so clear

Why Always Me?

Why always me?

I often ask myself

The truth always comes to light they say

The truth is never clear like a summers day

I just want to be liked, loved, and respected, is that so much ask for?

Why always me?
Thinking to myself, why is it always me.

Me reaching for the stars at this point seems like a closed door

I often ponder the entirety of existence by one question and for the way I do things day in and day out.

I promised myself I wouldn’t be a sellout

Why always me?

With Love

With Love

With Love.

Do everything with love

It feels like a heavenly tear drop from above

Soothing and nuturing like a white dove

You’re most beloved cares so much

Please don’t give up

Those demons you’re fighting are about to let up

I promise everything will be okay

Stay with me instead of going astray

My Heavenly Father I will always pray

Just remember one thing

With a shadow of doubt & worry

Do everything

With love.

We Are All Human

We are all human and make mistakes as people. Never beat yourself up about it

Stop be so forgiving

We all make mistakes

Doesn’t matter how much you can partake

You have to come to a sudden brake

But doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep going

You’re destined for greatness

Anyone can be great, no matter race, height, weight, or social status

You’re needed in a machine cause you’re an apparatus

You matter, I matter, we all matter

Be caring and give back

You’re important in this world just anyone else.

For You

Thank you.

Just thank you.

You & I aren’t the same race,

Color, ethnicity, or person

I just want to thank you.

Thank you for being understandable, kind, & important in my life.

You came out of the blue & I had no clue you’d be this important to me.

I want you to just be.

You’re more than the eye can see, people need to see that you’re great already.

And you will always be

Thank you.