Have Some Damn Grit

Apparently, school can teach you some things that you need to know in life.

I normally don’t really use things I learn in school in my everyday life because they’re simply not applicable to begin with.

The word “Grit” is applicable though to every extent in the book. Let me tell you why:

The definition of Grit is passion & perseverance for long-term goals. Hearing that word is very familiar to the eye but very little make the word worth actually living. See, imaging Mario, the video game character.

He was always pursuing that girl like it’s some hot wings. He wanted to get her at any cost and by any means possible.

The thing with Grit is that people always want to see the SHORT TERM. This isn’t a terrible pyramid scheme. You will have to work your way up the ladder of life.

This isn’t a kiddy theme park with all the answers or a guide to tell you what to do with your life. It’s just what my personal take on Grit is.

I just want to work harder & achieve everything I want in this life and can’t be satisfied for a short term achievement.

The reason why is because I simply want more for myself and I believe I can get more for myself.

It’s not up to anyone else but myself and I have to stay true to myself and the plan I decide to take and the course. We stay the course for a reason and do the things we do for a reason as well. It’s to time to get Princess Daisy with hard work.

Be a Mario character in a world full of oompa troopas. Keep going until you truly get it.

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