Smart Ways To Elevate Your Confidence

Here are Smart Ways To Elevate Your Confidence

Smarter Ways To Be Confident In Yourself

Lacking confidence in yourself? Don’t worry, here are some smart ways to elevate your confidence

So, you’re probably wondering how I will get you to elevate your confidence levels.

I’ll show you how the smart way elevate your confidence levels.

Everyone wants to be motivated. Motivated to be the best and do well in everything they do. Then, they want to take action. Next, is being able to say they completed the task at hand.

However, many people get discouraged because it’s not happening right away. Our attention focuses at one task at a time. So, peep what I am about to say next.

How To Be Confident Throughout The Day

  1. Smile More

Your sensational smile will improve your confidence instantly. Open up your teeth, and chase it up with a smile. Then, you’ll find yourself to be more happier about the little things. It will get your nerves jumping. Therefore, being happy is literally everything to having confidence. So, smile each and everyday.

2. Surround Yourself With The Right People

Mind-blowing tip. Feed your success with lions not sheep. Therefore, the only way to win is by surrounding yourself with winners. The winners will literally break the rules to win or do whatever it takes. They will act tireless and confused because of how hungry they’re. On the contrary, it will improve your will power.

3. Complete Daily Tasks

Completing daily tasks feels better than slaying a dragon. Fire breathing, tooth edged, scaly bodily, dragon. Meanwhile, the tasks are apart of a daily routine. The more you complete, the more things you will want to knock out the way. It’s like beating a new level in a video game. The more levels you beat, the more you will want to play the game. In short, you should always focus on completing tasks and time management.

I hope these ways served you well and you will be using them to gain confidence in your everyday life and continue to crush your goals.

Do It To Succeed, Not For Approval

Create a reality of your own, not for someone else.

There comes a point in everyone’s life where we want nothing but success.

Endless opportunities and an abundance of success.

Therefore, the only way for us to do that as people is to silence out the noise and to do the work.

A lot of people do the things they do for all the wrong reasons. This doesn’t apply to merely everyone but, if the shoe fits, you know how the rest goes.

So, the question here is, what’s your true motive for doing things?

After all, we all want to win in this lifetime but for all the right reasons.

Our parents, friends, mentors, etc. Whoever is in our life wants us to be great but, we often can accomplish our dreams for them. Now, I understand why we want to do that but it doesn’t seem right at all.

You have been working your life for this specific moment and you want to do it just for approval? That seems a bit outlandish and silly.

For example, I want to be able to say I own a business one day and be proud of what I did. Will I thank my friends and family? Yes. Will I do it for their satisfaction and approval? Of course not.

Doing a goal or task just because you wanted approval from others does not sit right at all. You practically worked that hard for someone else.

If this motivated you or changed the way you think, follow me and share this with someone who might need. I want to see everyone I know win. Even you, the person reading this.

Time For Change

We have to be strong to outgrow the life we created for a change.

We all need change for the better and using change can implement the way we see ourselves and our lives. For example, there is a current crisis going on in the world at the moment. Voices must be heard and we must adapt.

So, why does change so hard to overcome and for us to be different?

Although, it may be hard to change, it’s for the better.

Tired of the same cycle and being in the same place you were last year. You want better for your life and to do the things you don’t want to do.

Or else is the life we are living even worth the sacrifice?

This is some motivation for those who need it during this hardship we are currently facing.

Change your diet, your morning routine, friends,etc.

Change the things that aren’t helping you grow as a person.

Although, it might be hard, we have 6 months left of this year.

I have fallen victim to this many times before and want to change my life for the better. Change starts with ourselves and then we can carry on with the future we are trying to build for ourselves.

What I am saying might sound redundant but its worthwhile.

Change the way you see and live your life for the better. It will be worth the effort.

Delay Does Not Mean Denial

A delay does not mean denial, especially on our dreams
A delay might happen on our road to success but doesn’t mean you should quit.

Delay Does Not Mean Denial.

In other terms, we think it means our dreams have been delayed or paused. So, does it really mean that?

Going after our dreams like you’re chasing the school bus is one of a kind. Literally, nobody can tell you right from wrong when you’re pursuing something big. Their input has no say in whatever you’re trying to accomplish. So, what’s the issue? There is no pausing on our dreams. Time and time again, people have done the impossible to complete their dreams.

Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc.

All of them went after it like a dog chasing a stick. Just cause there dreams weren’t being met, doesn’t mean it’s a denial to their dreams. Delay does not mean denial.

Let me ask you this. Have you ever been so close at completing a task and just quit? You sat there and freeze. So, the call to action is why? Getting active in our dreams is everything in this lifetime. Diving in and risking it is better than wishing what would happen. Although, it might feel comfortable, it’s worth it all in the end.

I love the feeling of people reaching their dreams and completing tasks they dream their whole lives for. Feels like The Creation of Adam is helping you to the other side.

Don’t wait for anyone and literally just go out and challenge the narrative. Then, they will wonder how you do it and will ask how it was possible to complete.

I know life gets busy for everyone but you can never forget the big picture. Never forget your why. The reason behind your hard work and everything you do.


Imagination is the indulgence of our information

Imagination is a path to the life we want

Our imagination is our biggest gift in this life.

We consciously spend 30% of our time day dreaming. It is said that we fall asleep dreaming about perfect scenarios in our head. Truly, we want to find what makes our mind so great.

Today, I will be telling you how imagination can get you everything you want in this life.

For example, let’s say you won the lottery. The big money cash prize of $1 Billion dollars. Take it all in. Although, you may think its fake, you actually won. All the green money that you see on the table. As your eyes open up and see the big money prize in front of you. All the cheers and crowds from the room make you go ecstatic. Then, all of a sudden you wake up from that dream. True manifestation of you holding money with and a dream coming to life.

Now, here is the part, where you have to, get truly obsessed. The idea of winning.

The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

This may seem like a lunatic thing to do but its not. It’s rational. This may seem like you’re suffering from addiction but it’s clearly an obsessed.

Seriously, get obsessed. Think about it everyday. Morning and night. Every single second until as long as you live. You can probably hear the crowd clapping and cheering for you now. You’re going to keep thinking about it until it happens.

All riled up and excited. The feelings of butterflies in chest making you cheerful and anxious. Remember this feeling as long as you live. Don’t hold any of this back at all. You will try to convince yourself that none of this is worth it. That’s where you’re wrong.

Truly, worth all the pain and suffering you will go through. It will feel like a drug and and more importantly a good one. It will make you stare at a wall thinking if it will ever happen. You will have trouble seeing if this manifestation will ever come true.

Then, you’ll ask the universe if you asked for too much.

The universe will say, “I’m guiding you to what you deserve”

Of course, you might feel angry it didn’t happen. But, you did ask for alot, maybe more than you can handle. You will ask again and again. The universe may give you a portion of it if you’re lucky.

Now, here is where others give up. They don’t really chase after their dream but, stop working for it. Now, we are real with ourselves 24/7 and want the best for ourselves. As soon as, you feel like it’s impossible to complete, it’s over. Then, you’ll start having doubts on why you even dreamed that much.

Many people hold on to their dreams but, don’t do anything. Don’t be one of those people. That’s where our dreams die and fade out. They think it’s out of arms reach and call it the “impossible”. The problem is you’re not good enough.


And you’ll slowly start to develop the skills to make that dream happen. Next, your brain will wire all that information to make it actually happen. Any other person would have have quit and never tried again. But, you’re not just any other person. You’re a go getter. Literally, an obsessed lunatic to make your dreams work.

Then, when it finally works.

Furthermore, your obsession will be back.

Obsessed with changing your life.

The universe will keep testing you to see if you’re persistent enough to make it happen.

Although, it may be hard. You never stop trying until it happens.

Now, the figment of your imagination has turned into a reality. All the manifestation and hard work is possible and turned out fine. Nothing is as beautiful as you imagine. The feelings fade away pretty quickly. Now, you’re afraid you will lose it all. Or becoming more confident and less shy with the person you’re. Subsequently, you see what type person you want to be.

Then, it will all make sense.

If you actually achieve the goal and aren’t lucky. Your mentality will change and how you see the world. Moreover, you’ll see the abundance in the universe and everything it s giving you. See that life is about doing more and more and how much it offers us.

In conclusion, we will make those dreams work.

Want to win in life? Take Action

Want to win in life? Take Action.
NThe first step is always the hardest but will always be worth it

The only way to win in life is to take action.

We often want to do very well in life.

For example, think of it as a race.

The best car wants to win and we want to cheer them on.

But the thing is, nobody saw the work we put behind it.

Nonetheless, taking action shows RESULTS.

That’s the result of human action and accomplishment and why so many successful people the way they’re.

They take action.

Not sitting around all day and thinking how they will accomplish a certain task but just by doing it.

But many say, ” what if I fail?”.

Trial & Error ladies and gentlemen.

So, the next time you feel hesitant about something, just do it, as Nike Says.

I am always thinking about something to do but get riled up and hesitant to try.

It’s better than before but it can always improve.

Then, once you take action it will become second nature.

Life is a game that you have to play smart

Taking risks always come with the game and that’s what makes it great

Take action and do something different today

Being in quarantine isn’t a excuse to watch Netflix and do something in unproductive all day

Because it pushes you back a step back from the life you want to live.

Taking action = results & memories that will last a life time

Be happy for the change you’re about to make.

Persistence shows long term success

Persistence shows long term success.
Persistence shows long term success.

Persistence shows long term success

People love to give up early. There’s a process for literally everything and then wonder why it doesn’t workout.

I can totally understand that.

There is burnout and stress.

Although, you want to quit, you can’t.

Then, you’ll become like everyone else who does.

The psychology behind it is simple.

No results = Giving up.

However, you shouldn’t.

At the same time, you might be going through a lot, it won’t be of use.

There is a quote that everyone should live by.

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men

with talent. Genius will not unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not: the world is full of educated

derelicts. Persistence and determination

alone are omnipotent.”

On the contrary, people want short cuts.

They don’t see the actual work behind it.

Truly, the craft, dedication, and persistence is behind it.

Then, when you see those factors,

You will see results.

Make the decision of making an option to succeed or

Of course, be like everyone else.

But, the truth is in the question is,

you need grit.

Nevertheless, you can’t blame others.

Optimism and grit will see longevity and long term success.

Treat it like a long term endeavor.

You won’t see any overnight success or change

Therefore, think wisely.

We think of schemes to see success in a month or less.


On one hand, it may sound good and well

but, you will just be disappointed with yourself.

Like I said before, think accordingly.

In spite of, the hardships, failure, and uncertainty’s,

You will start to question everything you did and

the way you did prior before you started to get happy.

Then, you’ll see results and success.

Persistence shows long term success.

Repeat after me,

Persistence shows long term success.

Never stop.

Whatever is meant for you, will arrive in due time

We often think, ” how come I’m not blessed like her or him”

Then think to ourselves why we should be blessed with materialistic things in our lives.

To put this in perspective.

It will come.

We have to let life take it’s course sometimes.

We can’t always have our way and the things we want won’t always be ours.

There is a quote that I stand by for affirmations like this

Let it come and let it go

So whatever blessing may come in your lifetime that you’re magically unexpected or expected will come with hard work and diligence

We want to rush things that aren’t often for us and things that may disturbed our peace

Good things will come into your life that you deserve and whatever you deserve will come.

Never forget that as long as you live.

Stay Away From Still People

Stay Away From Still People In this day and age, it’s important to stay away from “Still” people. People who bring no value to your life and want to complain about the circumstances that they put themselves and don’t want to improve their lifestyle. Stay away from people who still complain, still broke, still hating, still don’t want to go nowhere with their lives. I have heard a saying and it goes like this, “If you always hang out with a complainer, you will surely learn how to complain”. This statement is so powerful because it considers if you have powerful habits. If you have a goal or a dream in mind, don’t tell other people about it and DO NOT spend time with people who give you zero value to your life. When I first made this personal blog, I had no idea anyone would even take the time to look at it or even subscribe to it. I made a terrible mistake of telling other people about it and made me feel like the dumbest person in the world. I don’t care and stopped caring more and more because they were obstacles in the way of what I wanted to accomplish. After a year of blogging, I have learned to become free and would still be in the same place as I was last year. Has this ever happened to you? What do you do in order to avoid these kind of people? Let me know in the comments. Share and comment on this post as you can be featured on my next blog post! #Blog