Create connections & don’t fight for followers

Social media marketing is very important in terms of growing your social media presence & growing your brand.

Promoting yourself at times is good when you have a low following. It might get you discouraged & left out seeing others have a high following. They could have a high following but a low engagement. You see what I’m getting at? You want to create long term connections that makes people die hard fans of you.

I have started to learn that while making this blog and have been learning connecting with other people about their blog and making valuable connections with one another.

At times, I get jealous seeing my blog doesn’t have 100,000 followers and not even 50 followers. Yes, I do get discouraged but it’s a marathon and not a sprint. SEO ranking my content, back links, key word search are important things that I need to keep look out for. Mastering little elements of my blog are what I need to do each and every time I write.

It’s about apart of social media marketing and making content. Your presence will continue to grow and so will your brand. Your brand and everything you say on here is a huge aspect of who you’re as a person & nobody can take that away from you.

If someone isn’t feeling your content or doesn’t quite understand it, that’s fine. Not everyone will like you or your content. There’s enough people in this world that will like it.

That right connection can drastically change the course of your life without you even realizing it.

I hope this post provided some insight and value. If you want me to write more posts like this & if you want to see what type of content you need in order to grow, just let me know. Make this year yours.

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Why The Art of Storytelling Works

Why The Art Storytelling Works

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Why The Art Storytelling Works

Now, story-telling is a simple concept to understand.

We see it all the time in movies, magazines, podcasts, etc.

So, I am here to tell you why it works.

Then, you will implement this method in your brand’s identity.

Even though, the story might not be the most uplifting, it will give others a chance to share theirs.

Why The Art of Storytelling Works

Also, it creates a sense of connection with others that are alike you and that aren’t.

As humans, it’s important for us to connect with one another and create relationships.

It’s simply human nature.

Then, we will form a bond and it will on from there.

So, keep connecting with your audience.

An audience is the reason why engagement can be at a high or a low.

Engage readers are like ducks.

The more bread you throw at them, the likely they will come back.

Also, it will keep them running more.

Now, story telling is very useful because they’re easy to remember.

Stories often have a simple structure that’s natural to us.

Hence, why so many brands dive deep into their brand identity.

Then, we see why this form of marketing is so effective.

Literally everyone uses it.

Even though, you may think you’re not getting the point across, you really are.

Implement this idea as far as you can run.

Running with this marketing method will bring you a lot of success and inspire others.

In short, keep telling stories as long as you live.

You can inspire an whole generation with your story.

Apple Products

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Apple products have changed the way we see our day to day lives.

Now, you see the world Apple Products all the time. The great Steve Jobs made an invention after his passing to make us look like zombies glued to our phones.

Apple Products define most of us more than we define ourselves. Intense marketing, genuine products, and social proof. Subsequently, all the criteria needed for a brand.

The other day, I was thinking to myself, “why does everyone jump out to the beach like they released a new product?” Then, it hit me. Apple makes it clear who they’re targeting. I truly understand how marketing works. Even though, this concept seems repetitive they get our moneys worth.

Then, you see why their competitors are limited to a few to basically to none. Feels like fighting fire with fire. Apple Products are valid for a reason. For example, if there is a shoe release and a brand new Air Jordan comes out. Also, there is a catch with this Air Jordan. The company tells you that they’re only making 300. So, what does this mean?

Scarcity of a product that everyone won’t be able to get makes it rare. Now, I don’t see Apple as rare by any means. But the way they brand themselves is amazing.

I get it. We always buy their products and always use them but their strategy is one that makes sense. In short, we will always use Apple for as long as we are alive. Their laptops, iPads, computers, phones, etc. Whatever you can think of will see be around 10-15 years from now.

I know what I was saying might be redudant, but, it’s simply the truth. So, learn about Apple more and more and other technologies that interest your liking.