Why Do You Do It?

It’s easily to be in the midst of everything that goes on in the world from your personal life to politics.

But one thing that’s certain is the way we do things.

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The question of why we do we do things that we do each and everyday. It’s on our minds from when wake up and when we go to sleep.

The word “why” brings a paradigm shift of a pattern we see everyday. You get the gist of what I’m saying now? We do certain things so we can be remembered forever.

The current moment that you’re reading this will inspire you to look at your everyday life and question what your life is compromised of. Is a boring 9-5 job you have been settling for a couple years? Is it going to college to get a degree? Is it working on skills that will help you in the future?

This relates to the purpose of life. Or should I say your purpose. There’s a clear chance that we do it because love to do it or to be remembered.

I can easily ask myself why I do things each and everyday. Do I like to ask this consistent question? Hell no. But it’s what keeps me going and how I perceive everyday life.

Whatever the case may be, you need to keep working on what you love do. There’s a saying, “ if you don’t build your dreams, you will be helping someone else build theirs”

Now.. hearing that makes me think, “Why would I spend my hard earned time doing that, this ain’t free labor” I’m trying to win from now till my last breath.

Never do anything for money, that will just push you back and make hot miserable. Materialistic items are never worth the investment for the long term.

I’d rather buy a Mcchicken cause I love to eat not to show off or to impress. But who am I sounding like I’m rich, it’s only a Mcchicken after all.

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Have Some Damn Grit

Apparently, school can teach you some things that you need to know in life.

I normally don’t really use things I learn in school in my everyday life because they’re simply not applicable to begin with.

The word “Grit” is applicable though to every extent in the book. Let me tell you why:

The definition of Grit is passion & perseverance for long-term goals. Hearing that word is very familiar to the eye but very little make the word worth actually living. See, imaging Mario, the video game character.

He was always pursuing that girl like it’s some hot wings. He wanted to get her at any cost and by any means possible.

The thing with Grit is that people always want to see the SHORT TERM. This isn’t a terrible pyramid scheme. You will have to work your way up the ladder of life.

This isn’t a kiddy theme park with all the answers or a guide to tell you what to do with your life. It’s just what my personal take on Grit is.

I just want to work harder & achieve everything I want in this life and can’t be satisfied for a short term achievement.

The reason why is because I simply want more for myself and I believe I can get more for myself.

It’s not up to anyone else but myself and I have to stay true to myself and the plan I decide to take and the course. We stay the course for a reason and do the things we do for a reason as well. It’s to time to get Princess Daisy with hard work.

Be a Mario character in a world full of oompa troopas. Keep going until you truly get it.

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The Road Ahead

It has never occurred to me that I would’ve this many followers on this blog.

Making this blog in high school because I wanted to find another way to make money instead of the conventional way and thought to myself, “ is this really who I am?”

Well obviously that was high school me & now I am in college, I have learned what this truly means to me and what I am as a person. Allowing to get out what’s hiding in my head and clear out my head.

Nonchalant to Edgar Allen Poe in my writing style and expressing everything that’s deep in my heart. Obviously, I want more followers to read what I have to say and what input I want to give out to everyone who follows me. Engagement, value, comedy, life advice, the possibilities are endless with me.

Being a spectator of many blogs and doing what I know how to do best and create. I’ve seen a post about truly creating the life I want and nobody ever told me how much work and effort you truly want for a self sustaining blog with a lot of traffic and engagement.

This can show me that absolutely anything is possible in this world and I can’t even be better than Kevin Hart as I am funnier than Gottfried. Sorry if you’re reading this @gottfried, it’s the truth.

To laughs, wealth, prosperity, and to more creative ventures, the long road awaits.

I have always wanting to change my life for the better and get everything that I desire in this life time and it will happen.

Just put a block of cheese out there and I am bound to get it like the mouse I am, small in stature but bound to get it. Just watch me get to the top like my fellow bloggers and create something bigger.

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Living With Roommates

Living With Roommates.

Now, I am not dissing anyone who has a roommate, I just feel like I am living with little kids.

So, to each his own, it can be a blessing and a curse.

One day, there are a lot of people like a premier movie viewing and other days, its a desert.

Then, it feels like I am taking of barn animals.

Literal barn animals and it makes you think, “did someone really raise you this way?”

Although, I love these guys like they’re my sons.

Its never easy being the most attractive roommate, now, let me stop, I sound like a narcissist.

That’s what its like Living with Roommates.

Besides, roommates make life entertaining at times. Almost feels like I am at a circus.

No one trick pony’s over here.

Living With Roommates

While, they’re my people, I don’t see them at times.

It’s like putting my son’s out in the real world.

Let’s hope they take their backpack and Dora map with them, if you know what I mean.

Even though, they will always be my son’s, I will always have love for each and everyone of them. Except, the one that’s in a relationship. I might never see him ever again.

So, roommates aren’t too bad I’d say.

Yet, they still act like we live in a barnyard.

Seeing trash and dirt everywhere, yet, nobody wants to do anything about the situation.

Now, its a team effort at times but, its a group effort.

Guaranteed its always having people around but, space is needed.

Then, it seems like you’re on the FBI’s most wanted if you’re gone for too long.

But who’s business is that?

Nobody’s but yours. Now, if they harass you like a cop about it, you better not answer. But, if you do, good luck amigo.


I seriously can’t thank you guys enough for giving me 10 whole followers.

That’s more followers than I had last year and more friends than I have in real life, just kidding, or I might not be, who knows.

Anyways, I just want to thank everyone who follows my blog as I want to let everyone know I want to grow as big as 1000 followers someday and continue to grow my brand. This is a small step for me and a big step for everyone who follows my blog in the first.

This is better than getting a girlfriend and a Christmas gift as if I were 13 years old. Like smiling at the TV as if I were watching my favorite TV show with my brothers.

Me when I got 10 followers.

This is like getting my first gym badge at the Pokemon gym and I got 6 more gym leaders to beat. The point is, I will to continue to develop my personal brand and more content over time. Please let me know what type of content you would like to see from me. It’s only up from here!

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