The Art of Asking: How to Get Better Feedback from Your Friends, Family, and Customers

We always ask for things.

Things we may or may not know if we are going to get them.

But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask. We always ask for advice, tips, testimonials, & feedback. It’s something that you need to receive everyday for the rest of your life.

The reason we ask so we can improve the quality of our life. A wise man once said, “ If you never ask, how will you ever know? That’s the question of the day and what you should be thinking in your day to day life.

The reason on the matter is because we are so afraid to ask. Don’t get me wrong, I still am at times to afraid to ask because I rather figure it out on my own. I am my own personal testament in the things I do in my life and how I adapt and conquer them. Nobody will live or share the same experiences & trials that I do.

Nobody but myself will live them personally. Although, that might be true, it never hurts to ask. Feedback is what we can do better and how we can improve. If people aren’t willing to give feedback on your performance, service, or product, will you ever know? Of course not.

A hidden art thats embodied in the social skills of human nature. You have to know what to ask for and what you truly need. Only then, you will find out that asking wasn’t even holding you back, it’s been ourselves. To get the feedback you need, you need to answer the question of how. How will it improve my life, how will it improve others quality of life, how will it improve my current situation.

All of these questions need to start with you before you go ask others on what you need to improve. They may lie to you & they might sugar coat the answer. Stand firm & be open to anything. It will improve your mindset as a person & everything around it.

Asking isn’t wrong at all, it’s a question that hovers above our heads. Hovering until we get the key to the chest to finally get the answer we have been looking for all this time.

Get the feedback you need and constantly work your way from there. Don’t worry what others have to stay about you asking something dumb or irrelevant. Because we have all been in that situation and it will show that these questions need to be answered.

Ask for what you want in this world & for what your heart desires.

Ask away.

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Your Circle Matters

Your Circle Matters.

So, you probably think you have to change your circle or group of friends.

Now, don’t change it unless they’re not helping you in any shape or form.

I say that because we often are perceived who we are around

In a sense, get out and meet people that fit your future and not your past.

Jumping out and finding a new group of friends may be hard

Also, they might not be the people you hope to look for in a friend group

So, find like minded people like yourself that fit your goals and aspirations

Your Circle Matters.

Your Circle Matters.

This applies in all walks of life

Not just in school, sports, business, etc.

This a life matter.

For example, if all your friends just sit on the couch all day, you will be inclined to do the same thing

If your friends have businesses and constantly want to better their lives, you will want to do the same

We have all heard this some point or another.

Have people around you, that you’re proud to have around

I want to be able to talk to other people and say I am proud to be around this person and everything that they do.

Not only do they influence you, but also your habits.

Develop good habits early on in life and you’ll see how much your life can change.

Now, you’re either a victim of this or you needed to hear this

Be around good people

Good people are good for your wealth and health

The right people will improve your way of life

Once you stop hanging out with people who do nothing for you, watch it change massively.

This a clear reason why being around the right people is so important

Never forget this. Choose people that choose you.