The Internet Divided

The internet is constantly divided by two groups of people.

You see this people in your everyday life 24/7. It can be in the library, school, work, or at a sporting event.

We are constantly producing information by our smartphones or creating content and information.

As you would call them, consumers & producers.

Mindlessly scrolling on the internet, watching content produced by other people would make us consumers. Consuming various forms of media in our everyday life. You’re consuming media without even realizing it.

Thanks to Karl JK Hedin @karljkhedin for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

Did you read that right?

You’re consuming media without even realizing it. A stop sign, street lights, billboards, traffic signals, a TV, whatever it might be, you’re consuming.

Now, I am not saying it’s a bad thing to be a consumer, I am saying that we need to create more than we produce.

The internet rewards content creators.

You see content creators all the time getting rewarded for all their hard work & it’s shown.

The world never stops for content creators and maybe I see why people call me crazy constantly. Creating and writing stuff out of thin air.

No matter what, this is my crack like the 80s. Constantly wanting more and more. Creative roles flow through my veins and my bloodstream.

I will create till the wheels fall off. You can scroll and find new dress ideas on Pinterest while you’re sitting here and reading this post.

You see what I just did there? Of course you did, it’s the point of the whole post.

See you on the creator side people.

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20 WordPress Followers

Wow.. 20 people actually take the time out their day to read my blog.

Ranging from broad topics that make the WordPress reader site, from SEO ranking, backlinks, & countless hours of making content.

20 is nothing compared to a lot of other pages.

But this a huge achievement for me.

Grateful for everyone who is following my blog and it’s only up from here.

Making new content & perfecting my craft as writer as it never ends.

To expanding my ventures & beyond.

Our Inner Child

When we start to grow older, we lose sight of our inner child.

Essentially, that means our creativity as people can start to diminish & aren’t as lively as we need to be.

Never lose sight of that creative spark that made you into the person that you currently are today. That spark could be playing the piano, painting, writing, drawing, etc.

The reason most people give up on these things because they see it as a waste of time or it won’t make them money. All of that is true is to an extent but never the case. We just lose the joy in doing it.

Thanks to James Pond @jamesponddotco for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

Now, fast forward when you have children. You might not want to imagine that sight just yet but, the same occurrence might happen to your kids as well. They have to be do things that they genuinely enjoy doing.

Smear your face with paint, draw that fish, and play D minor. Do what makes you happy.

Money is a tool that can change the course of lives but what’s the point of doing things that don’t make us happy? I mean seriously, I do this cause I love it. Regardless of my following, I can type away of what I think clear and not what others think of my work.

My inner genius comes out and feel as if I’m Albert Einstein on a notepad. This is the feeling I never want to lose ever and I mean that on everything I have within me.

Never lose the inner child.

Because once you lose the inner child, there’s no coming back and going to get after all. We can’t be young forever, so we have to use our creative juices while we are still on this beautiful planet we have right in front of us.

That’s the glory of it all.

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The Road Ahead

It has never occurred to me that I would’ve this many followers on this blog.

Making this blog in high school because I wanted to find another way to make money instead of the conventional way and thought to myself, “ is this really who I am?”

Well obviously that was high school me & now I am in college, I have learned what this truly means to me and what I am as a person. Allowing to get out what’s hiding in my head and clear out my head.

Nonchalant to Edgar Allen Poe in my writing style and expressing everything that’s deep in my heart. Obviously, I want more followers to read what I have to say and what input I want to give out to everyone who follows me. Engagement, value, comedy, life advice, the possibilities are endless with me.

Being a spectator of many blogs and doing what I know how to do best and create. I’ve seen a post about truly creating the life I want and nobody ever told me how much work and effort you truly want for a self sustaining blog with a lot of traffic and engagement.

This can show me that absolutely anything is possible in this world and I can’t even be better than Kevin Hart as I am funnier than Gottfried. Sorry if you’re reading this @gottfried, it’s the truth.

To laughs, wealth, prosperity, and to more creative ventures, the long road awaits.

I have always wanting to change my life for the better and get everything that I desire in this life time and it will happen.

Just put a block of cheese out there and I am bound to get it like the mouse I am, small in stature but bound to get it. Just watch me get to the top like my fellow bloggers and create something bigger.

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Live As If You Die Tomorrow

Do it today.

Not tomorrow.

You might be drowning in your own sorrows.

Life isn’t about who borrows.

It’s never about tomorrow.

It’s about today.

Check on your friends and family to make sure they’re okay.

Then you’ll can feast and shout horay.

Life is what we make it.

Don’t dwell on decisions that are temporary.

Focus on your mental sanctuary.

If not you will be very weary.

And you might not see it rarely.

Do it today.

Count your blessings and pray.

© Opare Asihene. All rights reserved.


Imagination is the indulgence of our information

Imagination is a path to the life we want

Our imagination is our biggest gift in this life.

We consciously spend 30% of our time day dreaming. It is said that we fall asleep dreaming about perfect scenarios in our head. Truly, we want to find what makes our mind so great.

Today, I will be telling you how imagination can get you everything you want in this life.

For example, let’s say you won the lottery. The big money cash prize of $1 Billion dollars. Take it all in. Although, you may think its fake, you actually won. All the green money that you see on the table. As your eyes open up and see the big money prize in front of you. All the cheers and crowds from the room make you go ecstatic. Then, all of a sudden you wake up from that dream. True manifestation of you holding money with and a dream coming to life.

Now, here is the part, where you have to, get truly obsessed. The idea of winning.

The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

This may seem like a lunatic thing to do but its not. It’s rational. This may seem like you’re suffering from addiction but it’s clearly an obsessed.

Seriously, get obsessed. Think about it everyday. Morning and night. Every single second until as long as you live. You can probably hear the crowd clapping and cheering for you now. You’re going to keep thinking about it until it happens.

All riled up and excited. The feelings of butterflies in chest making you cheerful and anxious. Remember this feeling as long as you live. Don’t hold any of this back at all. You will try to convince yourself that none of this is worth it. That’s where you’re wrong.

Truly, worth all the pain and suffering you will go through. It will feel like a drug and and more importantly a good one. It will make you stare at a wall thinking if it will ever happen. You will have trouble seeing if this manifestation will ever come true.

Then, you’ll ask the universe if you asked for too much.

The universe will say, “I’m guiding you to what you deserve”

Of course, you might feel angry it didn’t happen. But, you did ask for alot, maybe more than you can handle. You will ask again and again. The universe may give you a portion of it if you’re lucky.

Now, here is where others give up. They don’t really chase after their dream but, stop working for it. Now, we are real with ourselves 24/7 and want the best for ourselves. As soon as, you feel like it’s impossible to complete, it’s over. Then, you’ll start having doubts on why you even dreamed that much.

Many people hold on to their dreams but, don’t do anything. Don’t be one of those people. That’s where our dreams die and fade out. They think it’s out of arms reach and call it the “impossible”. The problem is you’re not good enough.


And you’ll slowly start to develop the skills to make that dream happen. Next, your brain will wire all that information to make it actually happen. Any other person would have have quit and never tried again. But, you’re not just any other person. You’re a go getter. Literally, an obsessed lunatic to make your dreams work.

Then, when it finally works.

Furthermore, your obsession will be back.

Obsessed with changing your life.

The universe will keep testing you to see if you’re persistent enough to make it happen.

Although, it may be hard. You never stop trying until it happens.

Now, the figment of your imagination has turned into a reality. All the manifestation and hard work is possible and turned out fine. Nothing is as beautiful as you imagine. The feelings fade away pretty quickly. Now, you’re afraid you will lose it all. Or becoming more confident and less shy with the person you’re. Subsequently, you see what type person you want to be.

Then, it will all make sense.

If you actually achieve the goal and aren’t lucky. Your mentality will change and how you see the world. Moreover, you’ll see the abundance in the universe and everything it s giving you. See that life is about doing more and more and how much it offers us.

In conclusion, we will make those dreams work.