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2 thoughts on “Superpowers.”

  1. An explanation of Imperialism. The dream of Europe to restore the glory of their fallen empires.

    The propaganda which floods the Main stream media press, it loves to foist the lie that stateless Arab refugees once ruled the mythical land of Palestine. Comparable to the French frogs of Paris who foist the lie that France defeated the Nazis in WWII. The EU and Jimmy Carter love the metaphor that Israel has imposed an Baasskap Apartheid upon the Arabs, whose lands Israel illegally occupies. But why this charade?

    Follow the money. The Great Powers view a dominant Israel in the Middle East as a direct threat to their sphere of Influence in the Middle East and North Africa. Great Power propaganda condemns Israel as guilty of establishing bantustan\ghettos; that Israelis exploit Arab refugee labor on par to how S. Africa racially classified its black Untermensch populations. As if Israel following the Shoah had magically transformed itself and become Hitler, the rock star idol of the Jews! The gross stupidity of this vile comparison, it measures up with the Xtian belief that 40 days following the revelation of the Name of HaShem @ Sinai, that Israel worshiped a golden calf named אלהים, “who took them out of Egypt”. Confusing the golden calf משל\metaphor/poetic licence\ with historical facts – complete revisionist history.

    Israel fought 10 Islamic nations to truly gain independence › watch › v=tIgjU0Pri14

    Tarek Fatah correctly points out that the original Palestine Mandate, which the recently established post WWI League of Nations, “awarded” to Britain … but he fails to clarify (how convenient), that the Palestine mandate while it included – by his gracious concession – the lands of Trans-Jordan; the Palestine League of Nations mandate also included the lands of Kuwait – part of the lands of Iraq. At least before the British unilaterally decided that Kuwait merited its own national Independence.

    Saddam justified the invasion of Kuwait based upon this historical fact – that Kuwait, originally part of the territory of Iraq … as Pakistan & Bangladesh – originally part of India. At least these original borders actually existed, before the previously mentioned British, carved up the borders of nations, like the head of the house carves up a Thanks Giving turkey.

    Tarek Fatah claims that the Jews in 1948 confronted 10 Arab armies. Perhaps, but in point of fact, these newly “liberated” Arab countries, these Arabs existed and eked out a subsistence while under both their Ottomans & European overlords. These newly “liberated” Arabs had existed as “serfs”, prior to the Arab Israeli wars. The Great Powers assumed the mantle of the purple robe, they ruled these non Independent Arab lands as the Ottoman empire fell into chaos and decay. By the 19th Century, the European powers referred to the Ottoman empire by the term of contempt: “The Sick Man of Europe”.

    Consequent to the collapse of their empires, Europe threw money and arms at these “liberated” peasants. Both England and France “graciously” granted these crude uneducated refugee “huddled masses” political independence, they really had no other choice. However many Arab armies – “invaded” – the newly declared Jewish State, despite the massive amount of arms and weapons supplied to them by the deposed European empires, their military capability compared to that of the South Vietnamese “army” after the US unilateral surrender in Vietnam.

    The Ottoman empire in the 19th Century, its status as a world power compares to the 2nd tier post WWII status which England and France, Germany how much more so, following the US military occupation of Western Europe. These post WWII “liberated” Arab “countries”, prior to the collapse of Europe’s First World status, they existed as subject populations on par with the Jews which the British so bountifully permitted to settle in Palestine …NOT! The British immediately restricted Jewish immigration to “Balestine” with TWO White Papers.

    Britain artificially created and established the borders of Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait, because it served the self centered strategic interests of that deplorable empire. British interests therefore decided to deprive newly Independent “liberated” Iraq with possessing a descent deep water port. Land locked, Iraq could never become a naval power. Britain land locked Iraq when it purposely and unilaterally chopped off Kuwait from Iraq. In like and similar vein, Britain also decided to establish an Independent Trans-Jordan, cut out from the guts of the original “Palestine Mandate”.

    The “Dick”\Cheney\Bush # One & Bush #Two/of that “racist” Dr. Dr. Seuss fame, those illegal Gulf War, and repeated invasions of Iraq, piously declared the aim of that war: to restore Kuwait independence. But beyond the ribbons and bells of rhetoric propaganda, this policy of imperialism has everything to due with Great Power politics. Imperialist “Great Power” nations assume that they possess some “manifest destiny”. That they have the divine right of kings to determine the international borders of countries across the Middle East. Herein explains the interests of the Great Power “Two State Solution” narishkeit, whereby the Capitals of Brussels, Moscow, and Washington wave the worn out Banner ‘Peace in our Time’. As if that silly narishkeit worked by in 1938!

    Carving up the Jewish state and Capital City of Jerusalem into two hostile states promises “Peace”, like declaring a Golden Calf took Israel out of Egypt. Why does the Xtian church expose the stupidity of their theologies and dogmatism, when it foists this complete and utter narishkeit for 2000+ years? Church interests center upon worshiping name of JeZeus. The Poop of Rome,,, combined with his “opposing” Protestantism pastors,,, they have no interest what so ever to worship the Name of HaShem, as revealed in the opening Commandment of Sinai and the 13 Oral Torah tohor middot revealed at Horev. Xtianity, like Islam, and all Goyim religions – one and all – worship other Gods.

    “The 1956 War, 8 years after Israel won its first war of Independence, it witnessed the total collapse of Britain and France as Great Powers. The incompetence of their invasion to capture the Suez Canal Zone completely and totally contrasts with the Israeli success in capturing all of the Sinai Peninsula. This war proved conclusively that the European States, their Crown as Great Powers, first among equals, had fallen to the ground and exposed their utter disgrace. The Algerian War of Independence fought from 1954 to 1962 terminated the French empire in Africa.

    Hồ Chí Minh likewise kicked French butts and expelled them from Vietnam at the Battle of Điện Biên Phủ in 1954. Their first world status, proven only as a boast of hot air, the Great Power status that replaced them, even after the collapse of the USSR, shall not quietly permit these EU punch drunk “Jerry Quarry” punks to pretend that they qualify as anything more than just a money bags towel-boy wannabe.”

    The First Israeli war of Independence, Britain supplied and trained the Arab armies of Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq, and felt confident that the Arabs would succeed in throwing the Jews into the Sea. The victory of the newly born Jewish state shocked and horrified not just Britain but France as well. The difference between the First and Second Israeli war of Independence, by 1967 Charles de Gaulle felt confident that France could now intervene into the internal domestic affairs of the Jewish state with impunity. France following the utterly shocking Israeli victory in the June war, immediately demanded that Israel surrender all land which the IDF re-captured from the defeated Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian armies.

    Israel from the moment that Charles pretended to wear the purple robe of Par’o, like as in the days of Moshe — David Ben-Gurion treated Charles like Moshe mocked Par’o after his army drowned in the Sea of Reeds. This second Israeli Independence War victory, provoked an immediate European and Russan ballistic reaction in the UN. After that tremendous War of Independence victory, France lead the EU block and demanded that Israel surrender the re-captured original mandate borders, like Bush #1 equally condemned Suddam’s invasion to restore Kuwait as part of the original boundaries of Iraq.

    The British early in the 1920s took out their carving knives and unilaterally dissected Jordan, Iraq\Kuwait from the League of Nations “palestine mandate” lands. Post 1967 the EU strategic foreign policy touching the Middle East — to force Israel to surrender all lands within Samaria which touch the Jordan river and to divide Jerusalem like the Allies split Germany and Berlin following the total defeat of Nazi Germany. Europeans have a long history of slander, their propaganda blood libels now declare once again that the Jews have ‘poisoned the wells’. These vile cowards seek to foist the disgrace of Europe, ie Hitler — upon the Israeli Jews. Hence their criminal accusations whereby they attempt to compare Israel to South African Apartheid.

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