Power of being underestimated

Power of being underestimatedBeing underestimated is the biggest power-up you can get in this lifetime. Rejected? Fine. Underestimated? Cool. Notice how all of these things relate to being doubted and left out for someone else or better? Well, that is correct. People will always leave you out, doubt you, and last but not least, not believe in you. With that said, I can’t do anything but thank the people who ever left me out. Now, you’re probably thinking “why is this guy thinking like that” That all comes with the simple answer of taking that criticism and turning it into your power. People will always doubt you but its more important enough to prove them wrong for all they have said about you. This is what is so good at being the underdog in situations like this because people would never think that you could be more than their words but staying down and proving them wrong always feels good in the end.


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