Inspire Others

Inspire OthersInspiring others will lead you nothing but gratitude and remembrance for the things you have shown others. A wise man named Nipsey Hussle once said, ” The highest human act is to inspire”. As Nipsey Hussle said and we will forever remember the work he has done for the world and communities near and far. Nipsey, you’re forever in our hearts. Inspiring others gives them hope because people tend to lose motivation for themselves and just want to be great. For example, there was a time that I lost motivation in myself and had to get it back. It wasn’t easy to be the same person that I was before. All happy and confident. Then, I had to look myself in the mirror and realize this wasn’t someone who I wanted to be or look like. I wasn’t right physically and mentally and had a sense of urgency to change it quickly as I could’ve. Inspiring others will give them confidence and will also change their lives for the better. Having a goal of inspiring others change the world and people will view life differently because of the inspiration that was given to them that allowed to chase a goal that’s bigger than themselves. Inspire others for a better you and a better world.


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