How To Start A Blog

How To Start A BlogNow you’re reading this post and wondering, how do I start a blog? I will answer all the questions you might have during this presentation ladies and gentlemen. So grab your popcorn and soda and lets tune in. Now, there are multiple blogging platforms such as Wix, Blogger, Word Press, etc. All of those options are wonderful to start a blog because they really don’t matter as much when starting out because those platforms will help you as much as they can to promote your blog and to make it the best as they can. Pick a blog name and make it so descriptive it as a ring to it like Nike or Adidas. People remember those names and they stand out for a reason because of consistency. Make sure you’re consistent. That’s the key to blogging. Once you find your niche & groove of blogging, it will feel like second nature to you everytime you type. This goes with almost anything. Add a little flair to it to make yourself stand out from everyone else who looks at it and reads it because every blog tells a story and is different by nature. Once you find your style, I suggest that you find an idea that you write your first blog post. It may be nerve wracking on what to write about but it should be good enough to write something because its a marathon, not a sprint. The first one is always the hardest but you will progress overtime believe me. Lastly, is promoting your blog. Promoting enough of your blog will guarantee a source of traffic coming to your blog each and everyday making your page credible to say the least and the content you’re producing is more than enough. I want you to create your blog and never look back. If you found this helpful in anyway, feel free to leave a comment, share, and follow the blog.