Do The Hard Things

Do The Hard Things

Life is a game full of surprises

Now, this headline might be a surprise for some and a wake call for others

So, what did you think life was easy? It’s a challenge you have to prepare for everyday

I say do the hard things because they challenge you

Challenge you to a point for you to decide to see if you truly want to do it.

Moreover, what’s the worse thing that could happen?

Only thing that could happen is you failing

Failure is us getting up again and pursuing

Do The Hard Things

There are a lot of things that are hard

For example, marriage is hard, a die is hard, giving up is hard, etc.

Choose your hard.

People always want to avoid things that actually make them a better person

Life will never be easy

Life will never be easy. We get to choose our hard.

Pick wisely and think thoroughly about it.

Even though, life is hard. It shows perseverance as a person.

Now, do the hard thing you have been putting off.

Then, apply to your own life or learn from it.

There are no losses in our life, just winning and lessons.

For instance, you can be nothing all your life and still be someone

I have been afraid of committing myself to doing the hard things for awhile

Continuously avoiding and protecting myself from the real world.

The reason for that is because I don’t like doing the hard things.

Meanwhile, there are people who are doing the hard things

The people who are doing the hard things are a lot further in life than those who didn’t do the hard things

Be someone who people won’t even recognize anymore

They wont recognize you anymore because of how much you changed

Changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly

Do the hard things.

Author: Oasihene

Creator.Visionary. My views on what I see clear and my thoughts on the world.