Dare to be Different

We have to be different in order to grow and challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone and you must be different. Stop trying to be like everyone else and be your own person. You’re born different than everyone else in this world and trying to mimic or copy others is no point because you’re good the way you’re.

Different means creative and has a purpose. People will look at you as a someone who’s crazy and who’s trying to challenge the system but all in the end, its all based on the choices we make in this world and if we didn’t take those chances, we will just regret it in the end of time. This could be in your business, studies, sports, finance,etc. Different is better and is certainly more. Choose to be different from your peer group for what you love and never regret it at all. Be different and be great at it. I also encourage everyone to be safe from this virus and take every precaution necessary because we don’t know how long it may last.

Never Satisfied

Never SatisfiedYou should never be satisfied with yourself, ever! There’s always something that you want to achieve or improve upon no matter what you’re currently facing in your life. Always plan ahead and want more for yourself. Now, people think that’s a selfish thing to say but that’s the right mindset to succeeding in life and getting ahead. Everyone reaches their plateau thinking they have made it to the top and have nothing else to accomplish but in reality, there’s so much more that they can get done. Why settle, when you can aim higher? Once you have that mentality instilled within yourself, you will always want more and life will feel worth living because you’re not happy. Not happy with your life but the achievements that you complete. Never be satisfied with yourself and keep going.

Speak Into Existence

Speak Into ExistenceWhatever you have planned for the next 12 months I want you to speak into existence by chasing those goals and staying on the course. It can get hard sometimes but we need to pick our heads up and keep moving. Moving is better than staying comfortable in a place we never will want to stay at and being in the same place is never a good thing at all. Stay down and write down goals that you want to achieve and just attack them. No talking, just work because once you have that list down, you will do everything in your power to find achieve that task or goal and it will be hard to stay focus but you need to just work. I believe in every single one of you but I wish you luck for these next few months.