Dare to be Different

We have to be different in order to grow and challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone and you must be different. Stop trying to be like everyone else and be your own person. You’re born different than everyone else in this world and trying to mimic or copy others is no point because you’re good the way you’re.

Different means creative and has a purpose. People will look at you as a someone who’s crazy and who’s trying to challenge the system but all in the end, its all based on the choices we make in this world and if we didn’t take those chances, we will just regret it in the end of time. This could be in your business, studies, sports, finance,etc. Different is better and is certainly more. Choose to be different from your peer group for what you love and never regret it at all. Be different and be great at it. I also encourage everyone to be safe from this virus and take every precaution necessary because we don’t know how long it may last.

Enjoy Today

As the saying goes, tomorrow isn’t promised. Anyone or anything can happen to us in the matter of seconds so its important to live in the moment that you’re currently in and not any other moment because we can die at any moment and its better to be enjoying yourself than to be living with regret because we all aspire to do big things one day and its also important to be kind to people because you never know what they’re going through. Life is very short and anything can happen at any possible moment. I want everyone reading this post to be encouraged by this and tell the people that you love or talk to appreciate them more than you ever know because we are maturing as people and evolving and its important to live for today and not just tomorrow.

Look in the mirror

The Truth of The MirrorEverything always comes to the surface and everything always come to the light. Whatever you decide to do it will always come back to either haunt you or to motivate you. Your actions are a reflection of yourself character as a person and every time you look in the mirror, it will show what type of person you will be or will become because of it. It’s going to rise to the surface because of what you’re doing with your time and your life. For example, if you have a negative aura or choose to do bad things that will affect your future or present self, it will show when you look at yourself in the mirror and you will become disappointed in yourself because of it. Every decision you decide to make will come back to you believe it or not and you can be the only person that can be pleased or disappointed with yourself in this life. The actions you do today or tomorrow will always come back to you no matter what it is. People think it never shows but trust me it does and when it does, prepare for the truth to come out and show you why it comes in the mirror. Shows the real from the fake and its important to make right with your actions and be the person you truly want to become.