Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Don’t Beat Yourself UpI used to beat myself up all the time and how I do things and I still do it sometimes. I want to chase perfection and be the best version of myself at all times but you have to remember, “its a marathon, not a sprint”. You’re still reaching those diamonds at the end of the tunnel, you’re still climbing that mountain, and you’re still working that 9-5 job because you need to but you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. These are the moments that can change your life forever because you’re still progressing and finding yourself so there’s no reason on why you should beat yourself up about it. I still beat myself about it but I need to remember I am still learning and got mountains to climb because I am still going. At times I feel as if I should beat myself up about things but then I remember everyone goes at their own pace and things will turn out okay in the end. Everything happens for a reason and I just need to focus and keep going like the rest of y’all. Never beat yourself up about something because you’re going to grow into a better person and this applies to everyone. Keep working hard and keep going!