My Goals for this year

My Goals for this yearMy goals are very clear and transparent this year. I want to be the best version of myself this year and step out of my comfort zone more than ever because the only way to grow is to be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable will make me do things that I’m scared of and will want me to do the hard things that I constantly avoid for myself which is dangerous. Attacking uncomfortable challenges will only make myself stronger and that’s going to want me nervous, sweaty, and uncomfortable. Pushing myself will see results that I have never seen from myself before and will make myself proud. This is the year I want to go all in for myself. The year I want to complete building an eCommerce business, getting more traffic for my blog and better content creation, learning how to trade crypto or learning about the market at least, getting a D1 Soccer Scholarship and to stop doubting myself. Doubt won’t get you far in this lifetime so its always important to believe in yourself and others who also believe in you. Life is all about the choices you make and the actions you want to make happen so its better to fail and fail to learn from your mistakes before actually succeeding at what you want to in the future. I am holding myself accountable for these goals and will do everything in my power to make them real.

Head Up

Head UpLife takes a lot of twists and turns. It often keeps us on our feet preparing for whats next and challenges us to react or back down from that certain challenge. When things don’t go our way, we often put our head down and start to pout and I find that outrageous. Why pout and when you can just put your head up.

“If it doesn’t make you fail,is it worth pursuing”

FIND THAT REASON TO KEEP GOING AND WHOOP ITS ASS. Excuse my language but why put your head down and quit? We must keep going if we truly want to achieve our goals and want to succueed in this life. No excuses for us to quit like its nothing, we must preserve and keep fighting.

Never Satisfied

Never SatisfiedYou should never be satisfied with yourself, ever! There’s always something that you want to achieve or improve upon no matter what you’re currently facing in your life. Always plan ahead and want more for yourself. Now, people think that’s a selfish thing to say but that’s the right mindset to succeeding in life and getting ahead. Everyone reaches their plateau thinking they have made it to the top and have nothing else to accomplish but in reality, there’s so much more that they can get done. Why settle, when you can aim higher? Once you have that mentality instilled within yourself, you will always want more and life will feel worth living because you’re not happy. Not happy with your life but the achievements that you complete. Never be satisfied with yourself and keep going.