Importance of Mental Health

Mental health is a priority and needs to be taken seriously
Represents the mind of someone with mental health issues

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Mental Health is an important thing we often forget to realize because of how it can damage our body without us even realizing it. The month of May is dedicated to people with mental health issues in the United States and I wanted to address that because of how we should never ignore people with mental health traits.
The first thing I wanted to talk about is an important issue that’s currently going on in the United States which is currently going on in the United States which is, mental health. Mental Health can be defined as, ” a person’s condition regarding their physiological and emotional well-being“. People can look normally fine and normal through everyday activities but do we actually know what’s going on inside their head? We can feel at our best one day and feel struck down the next. We can truly never know whats going inside our heads or with one another so its best that we always check on those who are important to us. It could be our friends, siblings, family members, employees, teachers, coaches, etc. Mental Health month is adhered to the month of May but we all should check on our mental health everyday. Not just once a day, every second of our lives because it change how a person is truly feeling about themselves. I want to check on yourself and the others you care about because nobody deserves depressed thoughts or feel like they’re unworthy or feel like a burden. If you ever are feeling down you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline to make and a person on the line will talk to you to make sure you’re feeling okay and not having suicidal thoughts. I am also here for you all if you ever feel that. You’re important. You’re beautiful. You’re strong. Keep preserving through the tough times because they don’t last forever.

Suicide Awareness Month

Suicide Awareness MonthThe month of September is known as “Suicide Awareness Month” and I think everyone should know that because you’re all important and loved dearly by your loved ones and the people around you. Nobody should feel down and alone or feel hurt because you’re all important to someone and most importantly your life matters. YOU MATTER. I want to know everyone reading this matters to a full extent and people feel really overwhelmed with their lives to speak up or do anything when they feel that way and think. I want to know everyone reading this matters to a extent and I truly care about you. Your friends and family care about you also.

Smile More

You Need To SmileYou need to SMILE more because life is to short to be unhappy all the time and the more you smile, the more life will seem good to you and you being to appreciate to the fullest. Your smile is great and people love to see it because it makes the world go round, so my advice to everyone reading this is to keep being happy and live your life to the fullest because you never know when our life can be cut short.

Value Your Time

Value Your TimeWe need to value our time because time is a virtue. Its a concept that we all rely on and never have enough it in a 24 hour span because we are focused on things that help us survive in the long run because time is all we got. The saying “Time is money” means your time is worth more than your money because we can make money when we can but time is never gained back to us. We only have 24 hours in a day and its up to YOU to decide what you do with those hours. I wouldn’t stress something for more than 5 minutes because you will never get it back and you will be sorry that it happen. Be grateful for the opportunities that are happening around and be grateful to be alive but as saying this, be cautious with your time. This applies to anyone in any aspect in life if you desire to be successful someday and I know everyone reading this blog will be successful someday if they put their mind, soul, and heart into it. I pray everyone has a good blessing upon them and will continue to strive for what they want in their life. Also, I am sorry I haven’t been blogging as much as I have before and will continue with my daily blogs per usual. Keep working hard everyone!