My Goals for this year

My Goals for this yearMy goals are very clear and transparent this year. I want to be the best version of myself this year and step out of my comfort zone more than ever because the only way to grow is to be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable will make me do things that I’m scared of and will want me to do the hard things that I constantly avoid for myself which is dangerous. Attacking uncomfortable challenges will only make myself stronger and that’s going to want me nervous, sweaty, and uncomfortable. Pushing myself will see results that I have never seen from myself before and will make myself proud. This is the year I want to go all in for myself. The year I want to complete building an eCommerce business, getting more traffic for my blog and better content creation, learning how to trade crypto or learning about the market at least, getting a D1 Soccer Scholarship and to stop doubting myself. Doubt won’t get you far in this lifetime so its always important to believe in yourself and others who also believe in you. Life is all about the choices you make and the actions you want to make happen so its better to fail and fail to learn from your mistakes before actually succeeding at what you want to in the future. I am holding myself accountable for these goals and will do everything in my power to make them real.

Keep Going, No Matter What

Keep Going, No Matter What You have to preserve each and everyday. No matter what is going on in your life, you have to keep the foot on the gas. The moment you want to create, the goal you want to achieve, the business you want to build, is all up to you to keep going. The goals you want to achieve in this lifetime won’t wait for you unless you chase after it like you’re playing man hunt with your friends. We always seem to think we are distant from our goals when in reality, we are actually getting closer than we did yesterday and that’s what so many people forget to realize. Stop slowing down and turning off the jets. You need to realize you have to fail to make progression and that it will bring you closer to the light. You have so much untapped potential its crazy. The moment you stop, you will realize that an opportunity for something greater than your own belief will never happen again so its important to never slow down at all and to keep preserving.

Success isn’t a straight line

You won’t immediately run into the open space of success. If you think success is like a rocket ship going into outer space or a track athlete running the 200 meter dash, you’re wrong. Success wasn’t meant to be easy for anyone. That’s what makes it so fulfilling to accomplish goals that you set out for yourself. You’re not going to have immediate success with anything and that’s fine because it takes time and hard work to reach your goals and dreams.

Years of hard work and dedication makes perfect sense on why you see people like Kevin Hart, Bruce Jenner, Kayne West and other celebrities. The common theme on why they are so known for what they’re is because of the work ethic that they put in. I’ve been learning for quite sometime now that success isn’t merely given to you and it won’t be easy by any means at all. Work smart but work hard and clearly for what you want. You need to work for what you want in this world or you will never have it. My take on all this is to fail. Failure leads to success and goes back to my point on why success isn’t a straight line and it takes you multiple attempts to accomplish a certain task to do.

Month of February

Month of FebruaryMonth of February is here! A month filled with new blessings and challenges for every single of you guys with growth and new challenges. I want this month to be really special because it has opportunities to be great and to challenge yourself to the full extent which can signal growth as a person. Without growth or doing something different will always cause you to be a different person than you were yesterday and finding that new challenge within yourself means you’re growing. Without this challenge you will never be greater than you used to be which isn’t good. I believe that each and everyone one of us has a purpose on this earth as we serve for a God or have goals to accomplish. I want to learn something new than I did yesterday and to challenge myself and I also know you want to do the same as well. As the saying “Carpe Diem” exists, lets all accomplish those goals we have for ourselves and be the best versions of ourselves. Have a good day and be blessed with everything you do in this world.

How To Start A Blog

How To Start A BlogNow you’re reading this post and wondering, how do I start a blog? I will answer all the questions you might have during this presentation ladies and gentlemen. So grab your popcorn and soda and lets tune in. Now, there are multiple blogging platforms such as Wix, Blogger, Word Press, etc. All of those options are wonderful to start a blog because they really don’t matter as much when starting out because those platforms will help you as much as they can to promote your blog and to make it the best as they can. Pick a blog name and make it so descriptive it as a ring to it like Nike or Adidas. People remember those names and they stand out for a reason because of consistency. Make sure you’re consistent. That’s the key to blogging. Once you find your niche & groove of blogging, it will feel like second nature to you everytime you type. This goes with almost anything. Add a little flair to it to make yourself stand out from everyone else who looks at it and reads it because every blog tells a story and is different by nature. Once you find your style, I suggest that you find an idea that you write your first blog post. It may be nerve wracking on what to write about but it should be good enough to write something because its a marathon, not a sprint. The first one is always the hardest but you will progress overtime believe me. Lastly, is promoting your blog. Promoting enough of your blog will guarantee a source of traffic coming to your blog each and everyday making your page credible to say the least and the content you’re producing is more than enough. I want you to create your blog and never look back. If you found this helpful in anyway, feel free to leave a comment, share, and follow the blog.

Speak Into Existence

Speak Into ExistenceWhatever you have planned for the next 12 months I want you to speak into existence by chasing those goals and staying on the course. It can get hard sometimes but we need to pick our heads up and keep moving. Moving is better than staying comfortable in a place we never will want to stay at and being in the same place is never a good thing at all. Stay down and write down goals that you want to achieve and just attack them. No talking, just work because once you have that list down, you will do everything in your power to find achieve that task or goal and it will be hard to stay focus but you need to just work. I believe in every single one of you but I wish you luck for these next few months.