How to Make Money Blogging

*Drumroll please* Now, you’re probably wondering how you got to this page and wondering why I should tell you how to make money blogging. You simply need to find an audience to blog too. There are multiple audiences from food, gaming, travel, etc. Focus on a specific audience and simply relate to that audience or simply blog out what you see as clear. The bigger the niche or common it is, more people will get into it and will wanna read it. You can pretty much blog about almost anything but we want to blog about things that are on our mind and people will always want to read things that are eye catching and appealing to their eye. That’s the sole reasoning on why blogs can make so much because it relates to the current audience and people are always sharing it. See that word? “Sharing” Your blog won’t get any organic traffic or growth unless it’s always shared. Subscribers aren’t as needed as much because they get frequent emails about the blog. Sorry about the rambling but, you must share and share till you can’t no more. Sharing will be a big part of how your blog can make money. SEO and Google Keywords are the most important part of blogging. Certain keywords and terms are frequently being looked up by a database and optimizing those terms in your blog. Optimizing those words and picking words that are most applicable to your blog will be the best to use to drive more traffic and will drive your blog to the front pages where people usually see it first like page 1 and page 2. These are some quick and easy tips to be monetized for blogging and how to make some money for it. This isn’t a ” get rich, quick rich” scheme. You will need to put the work in to achieve in and will have to go to work. Feel free to email me any questions and hope you enjoyed reading!

Start A Blog For Free

Start A Blog For Free Did you know a blog costs $0 to cost start up. Read that again. $0. It’s literally free. Starting a blog is literally one of the best investments you can make with yourself. Starting a blog has been a big blessing for myself and others as I get to express myself each and everyday. You may be hesitant to start at first, its alright because everyone has those jitters because everyone will be nervous at first to start. There’s nothing holding you back but yourself. This is the year to really change your life and to get out of your comfort zone. We left that scared mentality in 2019. If it doesn’t work out once, try again. If it happens to fail another time, still try again. There is a quote that tells you to keep getting back up on your feet after you keep messing up. “

Fall down seven times, stand up eight

No matter what happens, always try because you’ll never know what will end up happening. Start that blog you always have been dreaming of and make a blog post to anything your heart desires. After all, its your blog.

How To Start A Blog

How To Start A BlogNow you’re reading this post and wondering, how do I start a blog? I will answer all the questions you might have during this presentation ladies and gentlemen. So grab your popcorn and soda and lets tune in. Now, there are multiple blogging platforms such as Wix, Blogger, Word Press, etc. All of those options are wonderful to start a blog because they really don’t matter as much when starting out because those platforms will help you as much as they can to promote your blog and to make it the best as they can. Pick a blog name and make it so descriptive it as a ring to it like Nike or Adidas. People remember those names and they stand out for a reason because of consistency. Make sure you’re consistent. That’s the key to blogging. Once you find your niche & groove of blogging, it will feel like second nature to you everytime you type. This goes with almost anything. Add a little flair to it to make yourself stand out from everyone else who looks at it and reads it because every blog tells a story and is different by nature. Once you find your style, I suggest that you find an idea that you write your first blog post. It may be nerve wracking on what to write about but it should be good enough to write something because its a marathon, not a sprint. The first one is always the hardest but you will progress overtime believe me. Lastly, is promoting your blog. Promoting enough of your blog will guarantee a source of traffic coming to your blog each and everyday making your page credible to say the least and the content you’re producing is more than enough. I want you to create your blog and never look back. If you found this helpful in anyway, feel free to leave a comment, share, and follow the blog.