Being Slept On

People will doubt you, misunderstand you, and most importantly, they will sleep on you. They won’t actually believe in your abilities till you wake them up with an achievement so big that they will instantly regret it. They don’t have a damn clue of what they’re missing out on and they sure as hell don’t know what they’re missing. Keep doing what you do and people will act like they have always knew you from the beginning until you break their expectations of you. Keep working in the dark and let your achievements wake them up.

Some may say “Your ego is too big” if that was the case, why should people stop talking to you and only start being nice to you after you do something?

Exactly my point, there is no culture of having an ego too big or being cocky of this nature. You will overlook individuals in this life and you have to do something that makes you stand out in the crowd at some point. Keep working hard in the dark and let your accomplishments wake them up when the time comes.

Author: Oasihene

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