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I’ve been thinking about making a patreon about my blog, podcast, and YouTube. I’m not very big on YouTube but want to make so the behind the scenes of how I create content.

If any of you are interested to see it in action, please let me know.

  • Are you projecting?
    Certain people will be angry with you for fulfilling their deepest desires. whenever they had the opportunity to sit down, watch, and perhaps even learn a particular thing. Each time you despise someone? Consider whether you are projecting and being jealous, or whether they really … Read more
  • A Question of Morality
    “If you kill a cockroach you are a hero, if you kill a butterfly you are bad. Morality has aesthetic standards.” — Nietzsche Share on FacebookTweetFollow us
  • You need bad things to happen to you
    You’re probably playing things far too cautious if you don’t frequently endure catastrophes. Not even a storm should feel like this forever. Barriers are similar to oxygen in the air. They merely exist and are essential to innovations. The amount of complaints a person makes … Read more
  • This is the true enemy of potential
    The real enemy of potential is greed. Greed will take precedence over talent, connections, potential, and doing quality work. If their greed is strong enough, they will stab you over and over. They will do to you, what did they go Julius Caesar. The amount … Read more

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  1. that’s a good idea starting a YouTube channel, but you may have to start before people may show interest… people who visit YouTube often may even start showing more interest than people who visit

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