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I’ve been thinking about making a patreon about my blog, podcast, and YouTube. I’m not very big on YouTube but want to make so the behind the scenes of how I create content.

If any of you are interested to see it in action, please let me know.

  • Live With Presence
    “We are mistaken when we look forward to death. The major portion of death has already passed. Whatever years be behind us are in deaths hands. Therefore hold every hour in your grasp, lay hold of today’s tasks. While we are postponing, life speeds by. Nothing is ours except time. … Continue reading “Live With Presence”
  • Why Everything Is A Hustle
    Horseshit Simple pleasures aren’t going to inspire anyone. The biggest problem we’ve had since becoming sapient was our inability to grasp the meaning of life and the fact, we as a species have the social and mental capability to understand that existence is more than simply simple pleasures followed by … Continue reading “Why Everything Is A Hustle”
  • Observe, Don’t Absorb
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  • The Wandering Struggler
    Struggling through this life with aspirations and a clear eye view that makes everything so vivid Walking down gloomy hallways and dark passages to overcome the sadness that lies inbetween the Great Wall of desperation and the promised land Wandering near and far, from town to town seeking something bigger … Continue reading “The Wandering Struggler”

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  1. that’s a good idea starting a YouTube channel, but you may have to start before people may show interest… people who visit YouTube often may even start showing more interest than people who visit

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